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Boundaries Post Cus Those Are A Thing

-Follows welcome! Interactions not necessary but appreciated.

-PLEASE remember I am not a woman.

-I don't tend to tag brief food mentions, but do hide the images/long descriptions.

-I have a kid, and may talk about her without cw, but images will be under one.

-I'm an intense person but extremely patient and reasonable. If you are displeased with me, just plainly say so. If I'm displeased with you, you'll know, don't worry.

-Just don't be a jerk.

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I'm London, previously of! Previously previously of Oof.

My wife is @SapphicGiraffic :)

I am a fat Queer Agender mother of a 3 year old, physically disabled, ADHD'er w/ a lil basket of other brain fun. I'm Southern, a student of Torah and a dirty rotten Commie. White passing, Indigenous heritage (Choctaw/Catawba/Lumbee).

My Passions: dolls/toys, inline skating, cooking, crafting, early 2000's aesthetic and music, pastels, and gardening :)

probably gonna be quieter than usual this week cus I’m in an unfamiliar space so I don’t spend much time on my phone/in the posting zone, hyper-vigilance too high

by the time I get back to Texas my shoulder is going to be one solid boulder and jess’ hands are gonna be like cracked like the leather seats of a 1996 lincoln towncar

current goings on, ableism cw 

But yeah it’s just me, him, my other cousin (14), and auntie Myrna (500 years old if she’s a day) for the next week

auntie is lovely but SO anxious and always bothering these poor kids, even when it’s care/love/concern lmao I hope they can rest this week

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current goings on, ableism cw 

I was learning how he likes his mac made, cus while he could make it he’s anxious about the stove, etc.

I asked him how much milk, he kinda stared like “wtf is wrong with you”, and said only “the milk doesnt go in yet”

she didn’t give him time to continue, but apparently the order is “butter and powder, stir, milk, stir”. cool.

but he got fussed at for it and I’m like AUNTIE you have met my wife directness/succinctness is FINE! I do not need the dressing!

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current goings on, ableism cw 

my cousin (20) is in for a fun week lol

my auntie, bless her, is autistic herself and as parents go super autism informed, aware of all the right ways to not fuck up your kid, but she’s been all panicky about his social graces while I’m here?

I get that he may need some degree of mask while out in the world, but god I really, really do not care if he asks nicely or talks to me at all after I make him his mac and cheese.

enjoy your food baby boy go play madden

I need to learn ASL so bad my poor auntie’s hearing is like GONE gone

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i'm so excited to share this story with you, it means so much to me and i hope y'all like it!

i have the first two chapters up on royal roads now, and i will be adding a few more this week until i fall into my planned schedule of posting one chapter a week.

if you're able, i'm grateful for any reviews or ratings on rr, but otherwise please let me know your thoughts! and give theo your patience, he is a work in progress 🖤

All beaches are valid honestly. You know what’s not?

Rivers. Do not swim in the river what is wrong with you

Sometimes friends come to visit :) they’re not dangerous really, no more than like, a stray dog

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Pics of my home beach, Coquina

Image description for all is pretty much “very serene beach with barely any waves”

for a good time at a beach go to the central gulf coast of Florida in the fall or spring

there’s not actually such a thing as fall or spring, that’s just when the temps are “regular summer” instead of “satans own ass crack”

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Hey everyone, thank you so much for your help so far!! we are now $1265 away from goal!!

I have until september to come up with the money to have our storage container shipped to us, for we can't pay then we lose everything we couldn't bring with us when we emergency moved

i'm still searching for a job, but i'm having no luck and at this point i'm pretty sure it's because of my gender

more info, donation links and commission info in top post

please help if you can

@mutual_aid @mutualaid #mutualaid #MutualAidRequest

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I am surrounded by chickens 🐓

there’s no joke here there’s like 40 chickens

sensory hell, animals 

zero offense to anybody who has lots of animals and is mentally ill but man I am having trouble adjusting to that sort of household on a sensory level

We’re not neat freaks by any stretch of the imagination but we don’t have animals rn and we don’t use much strong smelling anything so my obscenely keen sense of smell is not usually a sense I have to pull myself together/mask about

shout out to milly for seamlessly sliding into the open 2nd mom slot for the next 10 days

Thank you, ganbatte, I am so sorry

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milly deserves like, a vacation and $20,000, y'all have no idea how hard the work

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