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Updated Intro!

I'm London, previously of! Previously previously of Oof.

My wife is @SapphicGiraffic :)

I am a fat Queer agender mother of a 3 year old, physically disabled, ADHD'er w/ a lil basket of other brain fun. I'm Southern, a student of Torah and a dirty rotten Commie, and White if you need that info, too.

My Passions: dolls/toys, inline skating, cooking, crafting, early 2000's aesthetic and music, pastels, and gardening :)

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Shine Family Donation Methods

just gonna go ahead and pin this since I always forget

$glamorshark for cashapp

@londonshine for venmo (last 4 of phone 0309 if prompted)

please dm if you want to help and need an alternate method <3

when jess gets work I'll remove this, so if it's up we're in need lol love y'all

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Boundaries Post Cus Those Are A Thing

-Follows welcome! Interactions not necessary but appreciated.

-PLEASE remember I am not a woman.

-I don't tend to tag brief food mentions, but do hide the images/long descriptions.

-I have a kid, and may talk about her without cw, but images will be under one.

-I'm an intense person but extremely patient and reasonable. If you are displeased with me, just plainly say so. If I'm displeased with you, you'll know, don't worry.

-Just don't be a jerk.

okay shoe freaks is this structured enough or do I HAVE to have a heel

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its just that if you reject everything in the bible that goes against capitalist hegemony, all you're left with is a funky diet, pigs rolling on hills and weird towers and pillars of various materials.

how can one claim to follow yeshua "camel through the eye of a needle" "cannot serve two lords" "marketkiller" ben yosef and support capitalism. how do they do this

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every now and then the musical London* transit commercial about not dying via train/underground, “Dumb Ways To Die”, pops in my head and won’t leave for weeks

*the city not me

Milly and I are ridiculous we’re like

*very pissy at each other in private chat, not talking for now until shit dies down*

*continues snarking and memeing with each other in gc and on masto*

open if you need a good hour of G rated distraction 

US W 10 size wide sneakers or Mary Jane style shoes that ain’t ugly and are extremely supportive and structured and cost less than $100

please help me find

fuck essays writing essays accomplishes nothing

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all your best healing energies towards Milly please they’re really going through it

🚨 Indigenous medical need 🚨

Milly is experiencing severe back to back migraines/cluster headaches and despite their neuro’s best efforts, cannot access their meds for several more days.

Please consider sending them some scratch for food (so they don’t have to cook) and maybe even a motel room if the toddler gets too screechy over the weekend. Boosts appreciated!


cursed food, vaguely sexual, god why, my eyes 

Google adserve wants me to buy this and no, I don’t think I will

the tube socks really make it, I feel

I think my favorite thing about this is I was not an active or well known member, I was only there cus Jess was and I wanted to see her posts, I posted 2 or 3 times every couple months lmaooo

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let it be known also that it was ME who pulled the plug ahahahahaaaha

I’M the person who shut snouts down

Jess was going to rebuild from the ground up but I said no, it’s over, get rid of it and when I say burn she says how hot

I know y’all said don’t but i searched and LMAO suuuuuure honey that’s totally what happened

the Coup is my very fave theory I wish we were cool enough to have staged a snouts-destroying coup

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thank a veteran from the snoutsonline wars today

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asking for money for food 

sorry to beg again so soon. I'll be going back to work next week, but I'm running out of food. if any of y'all could spare a little cash I'd be right grateful.

if I had like $20 usd I think that would take care of the staples of flour, rice, beans, and eggs


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