Hey PSA cus it seems a lot of people don’t know! Even if you have that kind of money, please do not attend the show Shen Yun. You are not supporting just performing artists of color. It is far Right propaganda!

Shen Yun is written and produced by the Falun Gong, a far right religious sect that got kicked out of China, set up shop in NY, and now runs the far Right news site The Epoch Times. Shen Yun is their revisionist “history” of China and a profitable propaganda machine.

@hammerhead damn thanks for sharing. Saw it quite a few years back with my parents, never knew it was all fucked up and right wing

@pizza it’s hard to spot if you don’t know, but a Chinese-American friend (like literally, born there moved here) clued me in about the sect a while back… mostly by cackling every time they’re mentioned.

@hammerhead @pizza oh, so that's why the marketing is so aggressive, they really want people to watch it

@SapphicGiraffic @hammerhead @pizza

Oh jeez... yeah... there are flyers for that thing EVERYWHERE at every single single antiqve/flea market we've ever gone to.

@hammerhead oh geeze I always assumed it was state propaganda but didn't realize it was actually Falun Gong >_< now I'm extra glad I never went

the athleticism and sets that I've seen in videos look very cool, but also understanding the training that these people endure is just heartbreaking

it also smacks of eugenics to me when any large group of performers look so eerily perfectly similar (ballet dancers, etc)

@hammerhead lol they tried to recruit me before esp bcoz i used to do trad chinese dance

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