The early game in WOW is honestly way better structured and more fun than in FF14

Like, WOW takes the time to introduce you to what your race is like, you spend a good couple hours just getting a feel for them and their place in the world and then you set off for your faction's capitol and are instantly doing regional quests that directly impact the world as a whole

In FF14, you're, uh. In a city with a confusing layout and given no context for anything you're doing, you just show up and are there now

Also, I'm sorry, I know everyone loves the FF14 races but it's a lot easier for new players to grasp "You can be a goblin or a dwarf or a werewolf" than "You can be a catboy or a bunnygirl or a big greenish person"

Anyway please keep in mind I am literally only talking about the first ~4 hours of FF14 because that's as much as I could deal with before turning it off, I am incredibly not speaking from a place of experience


@witchfynder_finder if anybody takes any this personally that sounds like a them problem lol

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