Hating parents and hating children (not being a little grossed out by or finding them annoying, but hating and openly disparaging kids) is gross and your revolution is meaningless, WORTHLESS, if you don't include parents and kids. Children are people, it's not ok to seethe about them any more than one would about any marginalized group. Parents are hit the worst by class oppression and it has immediate, vast consequences for our future.

and don't come at me with but but but abusive parents yes I KNOW me the fuck too but abusive parents existing doesn't make it okay to exclude and thus contribute to the continued marginalization of them as a group. Imagine how many fewer abusive households there would be if parents were given financial, medical, and rehabilitational resources, if we were a community who keeps a firm and loving hand on each other?


If you dislike children, cus they're loud or handsy or always a little sticky or any reason, whatever. Sounds kinda ableist but whatever. but don't let them know that. It's your obligation as a member of this society to be a mature and respectful person to other people, and children KNOW when adults don't consider them fully human. They know when you don't respect them or value their humanity, they won't forget, it hurts and it leaves scars and then they grow up all fucked up like us. Do better.

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If your revolutionary organizing discludes parents then it's not inclusive and it's going nowhere. If you don't fully value people until adulthood then you've internalized capitalistic values based on production of labor and low burden on resources. Children are the most precious asset to the fight, they carry on our goals and reap the benefits of our work.

Add a volunteer based daycare to anything you're organizing, watch your numbers grow. Ask parents what our communities can do to take care of them and the little ones, watch how powerful we become.

The CIA viewed the Black Panthers feeding the children as a dangerous revolutionary act.

Meditate on why.

@hammerhead people who think kids are just dumb and know nothing clearly have not spend any amount of meaningful time around a child.

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