Hot Take: I’m completely fine with people pretending to be systems/have DID existing, idk what it could possibly hurt as a form of self therapeutic play

like, sometimes your body does it on its own to protect you… so why not use it as a tool on purpose if it helps you? if it’s hurting you or causing trouble in your life then yeah, seek outside help perhaps, but if not? who is anybody to tell you no?

this all comes back down to my philosophical question of “why can’t people just be cool”

There is zero need to sort everybody into “legit” vs “fakers” if you’re just cool and respectful to everybody

plural talk 

@hammerhead God yeah like , first off it's not like there's a giant traumatizing event going on right outside everyone's doorsteps or anything and second off non-traumagenic plural folk are fine, brains are weird, being neurodivergent is never exactly a "clean" or marketable experience so why go and stomp on someone else's!

why would someone ever wish or try and psychoanalyze into someone's brainstate (incl. trauma and past) without permission anyways either that's ALSO kinda fucked up

plural talk 

@Mottie right like who tf meets somebody and goes “so what CAUSED your DID??? Huh????” like if you’re not being an invasive little freak how would you even know the difference

I’ve had dissociative state experience but not DID exactly, but today ran into sooo much gatekeeping in a Cluster B pd support group on FB it was just wiiild to see when I’m so used to people being very chill with our DID and otherwise plural buds on here.

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