🚨 emergency medical fundraiser 🚨 

What does every financial crisis need? A dental emergency!

My wife has been out of work for 3 weeks due to fuckery, but she finally gets to go back tomorrow! Except… a dental abscess that is only getting worse and could easily turn into a brain infection or sepsis.

We found a dentist open Sunday! It’s $50 get seen, we won’t know how much to fix it until after but we’ll be expected to pay before she can be treated.

Please boost! Payment deets below!

🚨 emergency medical fundraiser 🚨 

Any assistance EXTREMELY appreciated, we can’t earn our own money if we can’t get this handled ;_; my poor sweet wife just wants to get back to work
Venmo: @londonshine (0309 if prompted)
Cashapp: $glamorshark
Revolut: @glamorshark

Got $50 for her initial consult, she’s in! And $60 more on top towards whatever they decide she needs done! Projecting to need at least $350, they claim to have payment options but they usually all require significant down payments

We are at $420 AYYYY LMAO

y'all fucking rock holy shit

Even if she has to just end up losing the tooth, we can now definitely get something done in time for her to recover and head to work <3

medical situation update 

Alright apparently it's so bad it's too "hot" to even work on right now without risking infecting neighboring teeth lmao

she's been let loose with an antibiotic script and they're gonna call me tomorrow to set up a second appointment for once the swelling goes down, for either an extraction or a root canal depending on what we can afford

I seriously hope we can do the canal cus jess needs all her teeth for eventual surgery on her congenital jaw deformation lol

medical situation and fundraiser update 

We got a good $500 now so that’s either the full extraction and associated fees paid or a 30%-50% down payment on a root canal, I cannot express how relieved I am. We used a little to get smoothie making stuff and soft foods for Jess to baby herself with while we wait for the antibiotics to kick in :)

luxury bones, y’all 🦷 🤪😭

medical situation and fundraiser update 

We got quite a bit so far but there’s no telling how much we need until tomorrow, but we’re aiming for a root canal so it’s gonna be Ouchie, so we’re gonna let it roll around until that phone call. If by some miracle this overfunds before then, we’ll either put it towards the other bills we’re struggling with of pass it along to funds for users of color whose posts didn’t get as much reach <3

sending this around just one more time for Luck that it’s just the one tooth (we don’t know) and there’s no complications (we also can’t be sure), but she’s getting taken care of in one hour!

🚨 emergency medical fundraiser 🚨 

@hammerhead just sent 50 usd via paypal, lemme know when it clears

🚨 emergency medical fundraiser 🚨 

@bees we got it!!! you rock thank yooou <3

🚨 emergency medical fundraiser 🚨 

@hammerhead it's my pleasure!! also, since PayPal doesn't have this emoji:

:peglin: 🪥

re: medical situation update 

@hammerhead im so glad you were able to go in to see that dentist

re: medical situation update 

@magicalmilly right I'm so relieved, the pictures don't even really show how alarming that shit looks irl, and the whole area is HOT to the touch :c

re: medical situation and fundraiser update // Personal Experiance 

@hammerhead Looking at the photos of Jess, it looks like what I had a few years ago. I hope its just a simple root canal for her but I had to get the tooth pulled because the abscess just completely killed the tooth.

I don't want to be a bearer of bad news but I just wanted to do a PSA I guess or something.

re: medical situation and fundraiser update // Personal Experiance 

@baronvonjace yeah I know we’re being super uhhhhh optimistic on keeping the tooth. We really want to cus she needs all her teeth for her braces she’ll eventually need for the reconstructive jaw surgery she needs… but if it’s gotta go it’s gotta go and it’s probably almost a grand cheaper for it to just be yanked.

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