imagine comparing a fine dining restaurant where workers get paid according to their actual skill and the value of their labor, use high quality, often ethically sourced materials, and have a safe and fully staffed work environment to like.. fuckin dennys where they run 3 whole people into the ground for pennies in a filthy rotting hellsphere
also disabled people def don't exist or deserve food choice or any kind of comfort or convenience nope

@hammerhead ah yes the anticommunist thing of "sharing food and culture with other people who may have been working too much to cook/are too weak to cook/just want something different"

Because communist means you live alone in the woods like a fucking little house on the prairie commercial


@hammerhead didn't realize the racist ass cottage core aesthetic was actually the commie goal

@hammerhead didn't realize the leftist food place I work for was anti leftist

@magicalmilly @wigglytuffitout @hammerhead when you're absolutely, 100% dedicated to posting the dumbest possible take

@noelle @magicalmilly @wigglytuffitout @hammerhead the cherry on top is that it's not one person spewing a bad take onto the internet, they managed to find the one other person to go YES FINALLY

@wigglytuffitout @hammerhead what's their utopia. even granting the lack of consideration, what's like, a world incompatible with restaurants look like?

restaurant discourse 

@heatherhorns @wigglytuffitout @hammerhead i presume they imagine, like, everyone either cooks for themselves or has someone else to cook for them

which, i mean, it's *ideal* that if you can't cook for whatever reason you'd have someone in your vicinity who cares and has spoons to cook for you, that's part of community, having that support. and i hope those support networks would be stronger and more able to function whent they're not being hobbled by capitalism, but also

some people just. can't or don't fit in with the community around them

sometimes even if you have people to make food for you, you'll want something different from what those people want to cook

and also... some people... enjoy cooking? they like making food for other people? like yeah i don't imagine many people like being a server but the basic concept of "this place is somewhere you can go and have someone else make food for you" is not evil

idk the more i think about this, it would be really nice if we could cut out the "server" role, but like. revolving sushi restaurants kinda solved that problem. you could expand that idea to other cuisines

restaurant discourse 

@monsterblue @heatherhorns @wigglytuffitout a lot of places with even nicer food do counter serve and you just take a number for your table and the expediter brings it out, drinks are self serve but if you're disabled it's nbd to ask for help with the drink area

the One Devoted Server is just a capitalism thing I think, I know at Asian places literally everybody on staff checks the table if we need help lmao the tips are split (and post revolution they won't need em!)

restaurant discourse 

@hammerhead @heatherhorns @wigglytuffitout yeah!! that's also true.

like having at least one person who can help if you're disabled is important, but that person doesn't have to be The Server:tm:

re: restaurant discourse; in which a wigglytuff just goes on a tangent 

@monsterblue @hammerhead @heatherhorns if i had much money and wanted to run a restaurant, tbh, i think the conveyor belt sushi model is something that could really suit an american restaurant

just like

take the sushi that goes by on plates

and replace it with

little sliders.

and the occasional basket of french fries or onion rings or whatever.

you want a little bbq pork slider? just wait for it to come up. you want a little cheeseburger? or a little chicken sammich? cool, it'll be around. maybe your kid wants a little tiny grilled cheese? don't worry, they got that too!

or you do the little custom order at your table via the touchscreen tablet at the booth, and it comes via the little train track up top of the conveyor belt. it's fine!

and then just do the same thing those sushi places do in order to, well, convince people to bus their own tables. you pay per plate, and as an added incentive, feeding the plates into the this-leads-into-dishwashering-eventually system means you get a little gachapon prize every 5 or 10 or whatever.

the combination of those two things would i think mean you would swiftly become THE COOL PLACE FOR FAMILIES. because let's be honest kid's meals sizes kinda vary a lot, and if you have a littler kid it may be too much food (and then you awkwardly feed kid off your own plate and secretly pine for the far off day you can eat all your food you ordered for you), while if you have a big kid it might be too little (KIDDO IS IN THE MIDST OF A GROWTH SPURT; TUMMY REPLACED BY BLACK HOLE).

plus honestly with those smaller portion sizes, you could control food waste a lot better. still hungry? get another slider. all full? you can stop at 2. it's not a combo meal where you're now locked in to that entire large size fries or whatever.

it's not quite as impersonal as Bring Back The Automat style dining, and has that fun twist. besides, the conveyor belt means you are basically advertising your food at all times in a very effective way. just think about the number of people who when asked if they want to see the dessert menu go "no thanks", but if they see that small cake slice or parfait go by are suddenly all :eyes: ... myself included

heck you could even do the "there's matcha powder at the booth so you can mix up your own green tea" thing. just replace the green tea mix with instead powdered lemonade mix.

i mean hell you could probably even franchise the shit out of it. make a cutesy little 'railway' theme, have the little bullet train bit of the custom orders system get a new shell so it looks like a historic steam-powered locomotive that's relevant to that area. and then there you go. a restaurant where you have waitstaff not rushing around to attend to every need, but instead dealing with check-ins that come up via the tablet for more drinks/etc., food that runs itself out so to speak, and a model that incentivizes the customers to bus their own tables to some degree. sure, entitled shitheads will find a way to entitled shithead, but it's a system that still means you end up removing several points where people working in restaurants are expected to stand there and take it because they are effectively cornered by job duties into humoring jackasses.

anyway if i ever decide to get into the restaurant business i'm sending this pitch to dolly parton because y'all KNOW this would be extremely lucrative and successful with that wacky-railroad-styling up in dollywood somewheres

@hammerhead "what's an economy of scale? what's a benefits of communal cooking? Can you eat it? Do you put it on your head? This must be bougie shit"

Dream showdown: we forward this hot take to the excellent food columnist who went viral documenting her experience with a molecular gastronomy restaurant from fancy hell where one of the courses was foam served in horrid custom dishes made to be a replica of the chef's lower half of face so you had to french kiss him in plaster substitute for any of the foam

Then we sit back and just wait

@shade I just plucked it off FB lol I'm so mad at the comments like "ugh how left does the left go" like NO THESE ABSOLUTE USELESS DAFFODILS HAVE NO CLASS CONSCIOUSNESS AT ALL

@hammerhead lmaoooo. he's always finding whatever the twitter drama du jour is and telling me about it. this one especially riled him up

@hammerhead what in the individualist bullshit is this? “enjoy a product or service? You're a bourgeois bootlicker, make it yourself lol"
It's like, maximum reduction of capitalist exploitation to just “all labor done for someone else is exploitation"

@hammerhead ah yes, the most important part of communist ideology, being entirely self sufficient

@hammerhead i assume americans make the distinction between restaurant and dinner bc of not wtf people can cook for pasion, to other people, under comunism lemao

@meduelelateta "restaurant" is the term for any place that serves food, from fast food places to food trucks to sit-down restaurants with servers to high end fine dining establishments

@hammerhead i know, im assuming americans dont and they are fine with things that are only not fine dining witch they call restaurant bc smh

@meduelelateta I’m American and I’m saying the people in the image are definitely saying they think that all food services that aren’t just cooking for yourself at home are bad and anti-socialist lolol

heated there are easier ways to say "i hate disabled people" than "learn to cook your own fucking meals"

@hammerhead professional food preparation, famously something that never existed until capitalism

@hammerhead I’ve worked in the service industry for a long time now and yeah dude we’re exploited as hell but at the same time people do love what they do despite the conditions we do it under and it’s not like that would go away. From the chefs to the bartenders to the line cooks to the barbacks and servers and even upper management, everyone I’ve been fortunate enough to work with has really given a fuck about what we do, and are stoked to do it well. These people have presumably never worked in it and just want to be mad on someone else’s behalf and have confused the state of the industry with the nature of it in a really messed up way to the point where it’s got them buying the same fake wheat field fantasy world that right wing Internet losers spend all day selling each other on.

@mitsubushi yeah! All that shit!

People who serve food, generally, love food and find so much meaning in providing it for others! Just a week ago I was talking about how I’d love to open a soup-focused restaurant and I don’t even need to make any money off it at all, I just want to delight people with different soups and provide a better than good wage for workers who help me achieve that. Food is love! Food is life! By God I will feed the revolution!

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