I’m 36 (of 40) weeks pregnant and could go any time, trying to get our little family into our own housing away from my controlling parents before birth. My wife has good Union job prospects, we’re just running very low on time

any assistance will go towards rent and deposit, goal is $2k. I know it’s a lot, it can be a loan if need be, just mark as such! thanks so much y’all for getting us this far!
$app: $glamorshark
venmo: @londonshine
revolut: @glamorshark

$80/$2k :)

(Not including $200 from last post in reserve for continued gas/food/pullups, etc)


If we can find the funds by the 1st we stand a very real chance of getting this trailer in an ideal area for my wife’s profession and a fantastic school district ;_;

Literally Jess should be gainfully employed within a fortnight for damn good money we just gotta have a HOME hahahaha we can pay you back in installments I don’t wanna give birth on a Rob Zombie movie set ;_;

$520/$2k!!! Quarter of the way there!!! We could make it folks! Aaaaa!

Please uhhh feel free to screenshot this post and signal boost offsite 😅

$950/$2000!!!!!!!!! Thank y’all SO much we’re nearly halfway!!!!!

$1200/$2000 :D it’s looking likely that we’ll get approved for this place either today or tomorrow so I gotta make sure we have everything we need, please do keep boosting or screenshot and share off site! Thank y’all SO much!

we have actually found a place that will take us!!! this is real!!!

rent and deposit paid, just gotta get the utilities handles and an in-town truck to get our crap out of storage and into the home!!!

$2000/$2000 :D

I’ll stop boosting now personally but if it keeps rolling around we will use anything else to get household things we need like a mop/broom, cleaning solvents, paper towels, toilet paper, etc

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