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every Monday the same routine, shave my face with some mace in the dark

me: "take a rest before you're exhausted, son"
also me: *farms moonblossom seeds for over two hours despite no sleep the night before*

Law school? I thought you said Claw School. I'm tryna learn how to get at this knockoff Minion plush toy that's been in the Denny's entryway for the last six months.

maybe the real billionaire-funded secret antifa supersoldier society was the friends we made along the way

WHO KEEPS LEAVING BONES IN ME! this pile of extra ribs.. i mean.. come on

anyways the secret to programming is: never trust a computer. hell, never trust anyone. maintain a healthy paranoia at all times. even unhealthy. yeah u know what that's a good point, maintain an unhealthy paranoia, it's good for you.

Slugs are only considered "grosser" than snails because slugs lack a shell, being seen as a lesser, "homeless" snail, projecting objective moral failings onto the slug's perceived lack of property and value under late-stage neoliberal capitalism. In this essay i will

In Atlanta, armed Black Panthers showed up and formed a line to lead and protect the Black Lives Matter protests.⁠

nsfw disgusting; Nickelodeon 

drake and joshing some cum with the homies


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