straight is a phase. unfortunately some people never grow up. :sadcowblob:

sorry to my friends who experience opposite-sex attraction but you shouldnt let the corrupt culture tell you that informs your identity as "straight"

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can't believe I'm gonna be in a meeting at 420 today

when I wake up in the morning and make a stinky shit I am thankful cause smelling it means I don't have covid

people often use "chases everything with a skirt" to mean "heterosexual and horny" but to me that implies a very special kind of bisexuality

I reached potato tik tok so I think I won the internet

goblins it's gibber gobber day. please remember to glib your glab and glug your gomps!

foreskin implies the existence of an aftskin, and similarly a portskin and starboardskin

@velexiraptor portskin and starboardskin are what I call my titties

hey gooobbbos. hows the hibernating season going for you

did you keep notes of where the trump signs in your area were? nothing more romantic or on trend this winter than warming yourself and your date than with the gayest of crimes

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