to be clear this absolutely was about cops and not Sting

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t4t on Grindr: I like the police (first message)
me: oh bai
"spending thirty minutes or so every day muting promoted posts, skipping ads, unsubscribing from emails,etc just futilely blocking attacks on my psyche, not unlike a lowly goblin defending a dungeon every night from relentless, greedy, much stronger adventurers"

I care about my job and have career goals in this industry and that's a rock fact :rockfact:

what up goblins I hate strimmers and mowers and blowers

this house don't feel like home no more. homes moved on but my bed hasn't

I finally did my shot yesterday and so I'm really horny today


when you take a shit and it smells horrible in a way that is also unfamiliar and you wonder if you've been replaced with a new actor and had your memories dumped in.

tyired of being Mrs respectable employable rentable who won't give as much wiggle room to hide transphobia done to her in the language of polite society

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