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selfie w/ec, flirty, 

I want y'all to know that I am very handsome and if you like boys or butches you should consider kissing me

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not boy, except for those boys who never were quite like other boys. and not girl except for those girls who were more like the boys that weren't like other boys than they were the girls and that's how we end up non binary.

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I'm extremely gay for *fuzzy blob encompassing a range of gender identities but centered around my mental concept of what boys who get called a certain slur by other boys look, sound, smell, and act like*

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monarchic nouns 

(I blame @Manurweibling )

queen if you're a fag too

having a car in the city is straight energy

I've just been told I have a gobliny kind of gait

musician, lewd kinda? 

key lines:

"take a trip into my garden"

"I've been saving this for you"

"take a second baby, slow it down".

"I bloom just for you"

"come on baby, play me like a love song".

"I've waited my whole life"

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musician, lewd kinda? 

Troye Sivan posting gay tiktoks is fun. but telling everyone he wrote bloom after bottoming the first time... well it's not subtle hun.

transfems, loving summer cause it means tight thin clothes to show off new breasts

transmascs, loving fall cause it means baggy sweaters to hide breasts

they do this to themselves I'm pretty sure it's a dress/grooming/etc thing.

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why are straight people almost universally unattractive.

hey this global economic system sucks fam.

what do you call an undead goblin?

a ghoulblin

double cursed:
restaurant industry mlm.

the girl who started dashcon is on TikTok and now I finally know whether someone actually peed in the ballpit (no)

also she has a pet raccoon

mathematicians 🀝 furries

knowing that knot theory is in the field of topology

lewd meme, light d/s content 

you've heard of "please, sir, I'm just a hole for you sir"

get ready for "please ma'am, I'm just a pole for you, miss"

it's crazy hard to get my phone camera to render coral in a way that approximates my perception

the Alien in Aliens is profit. a mcguffin that corporate hacks seek to capture. an entity that subjects all life it finds to 'alienation' in order to reproduce itself.

????, punch line, described cake representation of gore 

kid entering from the kitchen door: thanks for making my birthday cake mom it looks great!

*scene cuts to cake in kitchen* white cake is topped with a large guillotine, there's a basket of heads nearby, visibly recognizable are Zuckerberg, Buffet, and Gates. Bezos is midst beheading.

there is a pool of red frosting that runs down the side

*moms voice over*: No problem darling, it's a shame your father won't be able to join us tomorrow.

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