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not boy, except for those boys who never were quite like other boys. and not girl except for those girls who were more like the boys that weren't like other boys than they were the girls and that's how we end up non binary.

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monarchic nouns 

(I blame @Manurweibling )

queen if you're a fag too


that was theme of realy cool bird.

this is

"theme of frog whos just kind of taking it easy right now"

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what is the most demiboy candy and why is it sour gummy worms.

they/them sun
she/her moon
he/him rising

the masculine urge to dig a big hole

permanent dst : debating whether it's step 3 or 4 of simulacra and simulation.

cause it's when the symbol "noon" has effectively lost even symbolic connection to the origin of solar noon.

you've heard of milfs, you've heard of dilfs now get ready for 


Elf id Like to Fuck


Rittenhouse is such a nostalgic whiskey for me.

religion shitpost 

one must imagine Jesus masochistic

like these are probably not called femmes in lesbian spaces, though a boy doing it definitely would be.

femme as in the immaculate care put into their appearance and femme fatale energy and intense makeup

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femmes (gender irrelevant) with short hair and masculine clothing 😍

Judith butler 

" If a regime of sexuality mandates a compulsory performance of sex, then it may be only through that performance that the binary system of gender and the binary system of sex come to have any intelligibility at all. "

New York voice 

hey! I'm poasting here!

gay politics, explicit 

I will fight for "straight dude who passes for straight in all contexts, has a wife and kids, has a powerful job, may be a conservative politician, but fucks young twinks off of Grindr sometimes because that makes him feel manly and gets him sex that his 'bitch wife' won't give him"

to be recognized as a straight dude and not a gay or bisexual dude for the purposes of political analysis

tired: miss Piggy is a campy cis woman
wired: miss Piggy is a trans woman
inspired: miss Piggy is a gay guy drag queen

lotr, anti-war shitpost 

can liberal hp dorks get into lotr next so we can at least talk about how you can't use the "one ring" (us military) to fight "sauron" (imperialism) or something.

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