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selfie w/ec, flirty, 

I want y'all to know that I am very handsome and if you like boys or butches you should consider kissing me

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not boy, except for those boys who never were quite like other boys. and not girl except for those girls who were more like the boys that weren't like other boys than they were the girls and that's how we end up non binary.

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I'm extremely gay for *fuzzy blob encompassing a range of gender identities but centered around my mental concept of what boys who get called a certain slur by other boys look, sound, smell, and act like*

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monarchic nouns 

(I blame @Manurweibling )

queen if you're a fag too

honestly I think this is a reframing that's good to do because it stops bullshit like bi, gay+trans, or especially t4t relationships being reduced down to straight

the priveleged position heterosexual society gives a specific pairing doesn't have to persist outside that world which is what definitions that try and maintain straight pairings as essentially different from gay ones do

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sinister minister dtmwagl was a nice read. this minister definitely takes till death do us part seriously

straight sex is a strict subset of gay sex

trans self aggrandizement 

the combination of the long term effects of testosterone and ongoing effects of medium estrogen levels have made me so fucking hot

the concept of "clan tartans" being made up by a couple of English hucksters during the victorian periods obsession taxonomy is just so perfect

dog airport game screenshot 

you can tell blue represents the proletariat because the pebuffstrian is marked in blue to be helpful

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dog airport game screenshot 

the blue represents the dogletariot, the yellow the post scarcity soceity, and the red represents the communist party running the alien airports.

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caps, dog airport game screenshot 


warning this dude is an insufferable asshole who wouldn't be out of place being a reply guy on a free speech instance

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open palm slams my phone into my mouth, crunching the insidious computer to bits with my teeth

time for another great day of being non-binary


I've been thinking and I think there is a meaningful way software engineers in tech are becoming not working class.

like ones that make an application that their bosses sell and receive less than the value of their labor are.

but so much of the tech industry software engineers aren't creating value but are assisting in the exploitation of those who are.

Uber, doordash, etc software engineers are mostly building the tools to extract profit from labor and being paid from that profit.

the stadium the seahawks played in prior to this one (Qwest/CenturyLink/Lumen) was called the "kingdome" . see thats kickass

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strange to think sports stadiums used to have names that weren't just bought by corporations. Seattle's "climate pledge arena" (named by amazon) was formerly keyarena (from key bank) but before that was " Seattle Center Coliseum" which is a cool name tbh and reflects where it is (the seattle center - home of the space needle and a bunch of other tourist+performing arts things)

twitch streaming is the MLM for trans girls.

re: overheard cis masculinity 

cis dudes really be operating on the weirdest playbook. oh that guy's tall and he bought one of the most heavily advertised vehicles with his tech money. I am impressed.

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overheard cis masculinity 

"there's another guy who's 6'3" and showed up in a f150.

that was impressive"

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