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not boy, except for those boys who never were quite like other boys. and not girl except for those girls who were more like the boys that weren't like other boys than they were the girls and that's how we end up non binary.

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I'm extremely gay for *fuzzy blob encompassing a range of gender identities but centered around my mental concept of what boys who get called a certain slur by other boys look, sound, smell, and act like*

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monarchic nouns 

(I blame @Manurweibling )

queen if you're a fag too

I've got this little hidey druid gob (from @aaron !) on the bottom of my laptop

and I always forget it's there and then for whatever reason I flip over my laptop it peeks out and reminds me and makes me smile

I belong to the oppressed minority of gay enbies without ibs, and who are not vegan and would like to not be profiled into having oatmilk in my coffee 😀

other-ie without ec (like selfie but I didn't take it) 

hope cute.

hrt makes you hotter. I don't make the rules I just discover them.

historical alcohol 

my review? delicious and unexpected. a gentle chocolate and vanilla in the background of a citrus bomb with some nice hebral bitter notes.

I don't know anything else like it.

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historical alcohol 

I have just made what might be the strangest historical cocktail I have come across yet.

It's called the 20th Century. Named after "the most famous train in the world" the 20th Century train line from New York to Chicago.

the drink is made with 3 parts gin, 1 part creme de cacao, 1 part lemon juice and 1 part kina lillet.

kina lillet is no longer made, I used lillet blanc with some bitters I would like to try again with cocchi americano some time.

transfem manages to combine the feeling that I have to be more feminine to be taken seriously as trans with the frustration of everyone being focused on the least interesting thing about me, my AGAB, in one handy little word.

waking up with low to undetectable levels of depression is a random encounter I always forget is in the table.

heterosexuality must be stopped 

straight guys be like:

Christmas card with my wife and daughter tied up and duct taped mouth shut and were holding a sign that says "finally! peace on earth"

or gendered Halloween outfits of hunters and deer

if you point this out as maybe creepy evey heterosexual around will insist this is normal and there's nothing wrong with this and it definitely doesn't indicate hating women

meanwhile they think queer people are the ones with a dangerous gender ideology

I hope all the homophobic gay young adults I see on tiktok come to have shame about their actions as liberated queer adults and not regret because of the consequences of their actions in an increasingly homophobic society.

sticky (not horny) 

I cleaned it up before it got hard and crusty

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sticky (not horny) 

spilled a bunch of hot rich simple syrup all over the stove, down my front, the front of the oven and onto the floor :oh_no:

amab trans boys, the most controversial type of enby

the only veterans I support are the veterans of the war on Christmas

pointless take about a renewed expired tv franchise 

sex and the city fans angry that they killed mr big is the exact reason sex and the city 2 was such hot garbage. (as someone who has only seen that movie)

every scene in that movie was fan service with no emotional stakes because they couldn't risk any of the happy endings of the show.

I wanna piss and shit and let it all out.
and piss and shit and let it out


secular christians : Christian nationalism
white liberals : White supremacy

I'm here for the war. 

on christmas

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