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gay gender 

when I say I'm a faggot I'm not saying I'm a spicy gay man.

I'm saying that bourgeoisie culture has tried to tame my gendered experience by creating the illusion of choice between trans woman and gay man and I reject both of those boxes and I reject attempts to get me to pick a side, and I reject the involvement of the gender "Man" in your understanding of me and the people I love.

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I'm extremely gay for *fuzzy blob encompassing a range of gender identities but centered around my mental concept of what boys who get called a certain slur by other boys look, sound, smell, and act like*

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monarchic nouns 

(I blame @Manurweibling )

queen if you're a fag too

lewd pun 

you've heard of hazelnut espresso
but are you prepared for post nut depresso

grindr, sugar 

haha someone messages me on grindr looking for "babies" who wanted debt paid off

-> you have any credit cards or other loans you want paid off?
<- my only debt is my mortgage tbh
-> how much is it?
<- *number*/month
-> *blocks*

haha. you asked dude. lol

yeah yeah. people only call them "preferred pronouns" when it's trans people which is kinda patronizing and stuff. but...

I'm gonna ignore you if you say your pronouns are intrinsic.cause what the fuck.

femme (gay) [effeminate] hits different than femme (lesbian)

and masc (lesbian) [butch] hits different than masc (gay)

my executive function is perpetually exhausted. wamt friends who text me first and come up with plans occasionally

villainshit, twin peaks spoilers 

ben horne and josie packard are so horny together with this little keyholding* scene

*keys to safes holding evidence against each other's crimes.

and it's all made possible by the kind of just headasseed making bullshit up we see here:

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tumblr queer communities are absolutely some sort of corruptive influence and not in the hot gay way, but in the before you know it you too will believe absolute nonsense about the moral qualities of different gay identities.

bear bait 

the next doctor should come back as their fursona.

I don't thirst follow people on tik tok but I will thirst like every video they put out to hopefully keep seeing them

@Manurweibling is it gay to think boys are super hot from the tip of the nose down cause wow

oh also he has a hugely adversarial relationship with "motherboard" and his father who has drained his power supply and banished him from polite society. so y'know do with that what you will.

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is The Hacker queer coded? consider his cape, his favorite color being puce, his long flowing locks, him always keeping robot boys around to be his underlings (which he has been known to call "cream puffs"), and he claims to "hate order" and attempted to destroy symmetry and balance.

sounds pretty gay to me.

Christianity frank talk 

which just seems like the same dangerous situation that can be used for radicalizing Nazis that we have with our secular history whitewashing racists.

all you have to do is show someone the evil behind the curtain slowly so they slowly rationize it, instead of having to change their understanding of who the good guys and bad guys are.

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Christianity frank talk 

there's a part of me that's like so what? isn't it good if Christian's start thinking of themselves as anti empire?

but It really seems to me that this thinking only ever gets skin deep. some Christian's are meaningfully changed by it but the church is not.

then the good ones pass on this identity and just gloss over all the people in church history that are well springs of reactionary ideology. or worse keep them in high esteem but skip the scary quotes.

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