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Hi goblins. Love you all sorry I haven't had shitpost energy with all this

So uh. How we gonna start putting the real pressure on the rich fucks who own us? I'll be part of the support team

Bad hygiene shitpost 

fine if y'all insist I'll take my legs off once a month and stick them in the freezer overnight. Happy now???

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Bad hygiene shitpost 

Making everyone mad when I announce as a never nude I don't have to wash my jeans because the soap runs down and they get clean too

Am creachur putting on big brave office worker face but it's not working.

Regular shitposting helps prevent constipation of the brain. Just some creativity tips

Everyone on myass should read about this thing that happened to my ass

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Really just horribly gross 

You've heard about shidding and farding. But have you tried sharding?

All the freedom of farding plus the fecal matter of shidding, now with more liquid!

Need an excuse to go home early?
Tired of not feeling super gross?
Wearing your favorite white pants?

Experience the dread of a bubbling ass and the mortification of a trickle down your leg today!

This post brought to you by Subway: You can do it, we can help.

@ItsMorgan of course third act we join forces to destroy the true villian... dot social

ok fuck I kept forgetting to check the pit traps and barricades and shit so I don't know if they're in good enough shape to repel invaders. uhhh everyone to your battlestations I guess?

Goblins we are under attack. Let us ignore this mockery and rejoice in our camaraderie that so inspires the forces of hate.

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