i have recently been enlisted into this thing called my 'local queer community'. everyone is very sexy and cool and autistic and artistic. theyre just like meeeeee!!!

my huge ass… and new boots! hell yea 

my old shoes were d-d-d-d-disintegrating!!!

love sick but what if it’s like… chronic

learning some latin. lauren impsum or whatever

ice cream in the shower like an absolute champion

th fun thing about turbulnt lif Evnts is that thy makE for funny posts

if i had four hundrd million dollars for ach tim i was bittn by som rabid woman, i would hav four hundrd million dollars. kinda wish i had four hundrd million dollars

yuo heard of "bussy" (boy pussy) get ready for munt (man cunt)

i say normal things and thn they laugh for no reason. weird

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i am too autisic to be friends with my flat mates

one of my laptop keys is broke... can u just replace them. can u just get a new one and pop it in. how do kyboards work

tthere a wasp in my room somewhere just vibing and iv decided to just live with it

:ramblin_mushroom: (me on my way to the time before i was born)

i know we all hate the police around here, and i dont wanna talk to a fucking goofy polic man but i have so few options at this point

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i am not supported by anyone but my friends, , and its too taxing on them.

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