monads, myass, and redroo have never once proactively murdered an instance. they've only ever parried into instant kills. all the trail of dead instances, they all shot first

work clothes begtoot, boosts yes 

okay deleted last begtoot cus we got all the household stuff we need and family stepped up to buy our bed! Thanks to those who got us on all that πŸ₯°

I did just get hired for a new job and I have NO work clothes or shoes/insoles. If anyone has anything black in a us18 or shoes sz10 that would rock, or I wouldn’t say no to thrifting funds of course!
@londonshine (0309)

havent used graphite in ages. got some real nice quality pencils that blend super well.. its fun!!!

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fuck sake i blocked someone before suspending them like a dumbass and now i cant find tjem

i love taking the photo like this.. where its like.. at home. its cosy..

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i'm gonna stream monster hunter: rise starting at 7 (15 minutes from now)

cops hurting Black man, violence, fundraiser 

A friend of a friend in Charlottesville was attacked so violently by police that he can’t work. Help the man out if you can. πŸ’–

weed, its a drawing i did while i was 

luigi beat me at mario kart

Show tonight! 

Hello folks it is WEDNESDAY and that means tonight I will be performing some music! I've been playing with a simple setup of one synth and one drum machine this week, and it is such a blast. I'm really excited to improvise a long and evolving acid jam for you tonight. I'm aiming to press play at 8pm est and go for as long as I possibly can without stopping! As always you can find me at It's gonna be so much fun! Hope to see you there!

Going I'm sorry I did xyz I'm such a horrible person blah blah is a guilt tactic that manipulates the reader. You are mitigating the damage you've done to make others feel bad for you and not the people you hurt. It is EXTREMELY insincere.

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