i can tell things are getting bad when i start doing tarot and wanting to go talk to some woman called mystic mary

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food; begpost 

Could any of you lovelies help a (demi)brotha out with a spot of dinner~?



can dyslexia like....... happen. or do u jsut have it from the start. because i used to be cool at words and now i mix them up sometimes and its weird

i have this ring that i wanna wear on my left hand but it only fits on my ring finger so what do i say to people when they ask if im married

the one thing i want in life is an apartment with a balcony. the apartment can be fucking tiny idc i just want there to be a balcony

art talk 

i think the lesson i've learnt is that you gotta get the collectors to wanna fuck you, and then instead of them doing that you sell them paintings instead.

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art talk 

is faux-naive queer figuration really gonna be in vogue when i graduate art school . who knows

these r the ones i got. they gimme like 3inches of height i am truly 6'4 now

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i want it to keep going. how high can we get

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how gamers always say 'lets go'. what the fuck. shut up

where.. do u get cool t-shirts with fun things on them.. like a tiger. or a hot dog


i fucking knew they'd print a goddamn 'u start the game as Not a Rogue' rogue card

i think its fine to be burnt out abt painting for a bit.

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