i will be going to the gremlin club and i will not be returning it is where i belong

painting mfa is gonna turn all my art into duct tape and spray paint.

hey how about you just get the and shut fuck the hell

neural blender takes very long but i just saw wendy williams vs the killer and i think it is worth the wait

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what the fuck is this neural net jpeg maker and how do i get involved

sitting on the kitchen counter. music on. legs dangling. hot drink.


i got so so so so very much incredibly. and i walked home from my friends at two in the morning (it was sorta a date), and i it was silent hill level of foggy, and so much shit was looking like a people. fuck

mitski tiny desk concert where she screams into the guitar: yes

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A Black femme's car was broken into. They lost electronics, gender affirming clothing and other necessities. It's hard as fuck surviving as a Black femme, so any amount helps!

Please #donate #boost to help during this recovery!!

Cashapp: cherryprecum
Venmo: pelumi-asu
Paypal: oaa34@txstate.edu

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i cant imagine what its like to be able to go to a gym and not be bothered by dudes

they should give every woman that goes into a gym a gun while she is in there

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