@pyxis hello mary. i um.. really would like it if you saw this post.. yea! :)

heres mine. but my favourite painting changes constantly

@jaye bellows is known for 'stag at Sharkey's' (an incredible painting, of course) but I really like his NYC landscapes- few others play such tricks with the horizon line as Bellows. This one has like 4 horizon lines, it creates such a weird depth of field that both makes sense but is also a completely fabricated construction.

@jaye sorry, title is: 'The Bed' or 'In the Bed' (Dans Le Lit)

surrealist nudity 

@jaye Antoni Tàpies - Tríptic
i rly like this! its been a while since i saw it in barcelona but i always remember it :)

nudity and violence 

@FirstProgenitor @jaye i LOVE waterhouse, i used to have a massive print of that one and also the lamia one ;_;

@jaye i'm a basic bitch but this is the first one that came to mind. i love this painting so much. i went to an exhibit once that had a few different versions he did and each one was so beautiful

@jaye I couldn't decide but here is the first one I thought of when I read your question

@jaye Carlo Carrà - The Funeral of the Anarchist Galli (Il Funerale dell’anarchico Galli)

@jaye the futurists were incredibly problematic for about as many reasons as anyone can list. Still, this piece by Carrà is emblematic of the futurists as a culture undergoing technological shock. It feels eerily similar to current events. What energy, what explosiveness, what an impassioned image.

@jaye lmao im just now realizing that from the fact that i love this painting, you can pretty much reverse-engineer my Whole Entire Deal

@jaye OK WAIT HERE IS A THIRD ONE because i literally cannot stop myself.
Ilya Repin, Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks, 1880–1891. every single face and expression in this is just So So Good

@Dayglochainsaw @jaye this is so well observed. I feel like I have a sense of what they're talking about

@InternetEh @jaye i know right, its definitely a painting that tells a story and thats why i love it. plus theres so many little details, like how the dude on the right is so engrossed in whatever story's being told that he's completely forgotten to light his cigarette. i love it so much

@jaye another favorite, the Floor Scrapers by Gustave Caillebotte. I love the lighting of it and how it elevates hard work.

@jaye god im so basic. also the titular tim from tims vermeer said this is a "throwaway" painting and i wanted to kill him.

surrealist nudity very vague SA ment in image description 

@jaye i sure do also love....everything magritte ever made.

@jaye it is usually the last one i looked at. that being saiddddd FUCK i forget the name of this artist whose work i wish i could emulate what the fuck was his name

@jaye well, now i know what i'll be obsessing about on the back burner of my brain for several days until it comes out.

@jaye it’s difficult to pick an absolute favorite, but I quite like Spring by Marie Bashkirtseff

@jaye I love this one by Jared Puczel a lot but there are so many I could post and talk about!

@jaye generally it's this one - Christian Krog, 'Malerinnen Oda Krohg" ("The artist Oda Krohg), 1888.

@jaye The Demon seated by Mikhail Vrubel (in russian Демон сидящий)

I don't know why buy I'd go with these classical: The Kiss by Klimt and Starry Night by Van Gogh

@jaye I cant remember the title of my absolute favorite painting in my local gallery so instead here's my second favorite, the architect's dream by thomas cole. artsandculture.google.com/asse

@jaye hasn't changed for ages: Artemisia Gentileschi, Judith & Holofernes. I love it for the light and for its history.
(depiction of violence)

@jaye There's this cat one I like (I recently found out there are more ) by Maud Lewis. I made it my telegram background.

There's also "Zaporozhian Cossacks write to the Sultan of Turkey" by Ilya Repin that has a great story to it. (I recommend reading it, but not at work it's very crude) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reply_of

Sorry for picking two, lol.

@jaye jackson pollock number 31


I don't know why but this painting keeps randomly popping to my mind. There are so many paintings that I admire, but I like the cosy-ness of this one.

@jaye It is impossible to choose an absolute favourite but I have always loved the paintings by Amedeo Modigliani, and this portrait from 1917 of Anna Zborowska is one of my favourites.
She was the wife of his art dealer, the poet Leopold Zborowski, and a close friend. She sat for about 15 of his paintings.

@jaye A painting I've loved ever since I saw it at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, very long ago, is "Himmelblau" (Sky blue) by Wassily Kandinsky, which he painted in 1940, at the age of 74. It's so joyful.

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