ejected from the vatican for kissing the pope's ring with tongue

Thinking about getting one of those little dick cages. Not like as a sex thing, just to keep it from running away

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i only just learned about this and i'm shocked this didn't get more coverage when it happened earlier this summer

i found this old educational film reel and it's absolutely REMARKABLE how applicable it still is today.

really makes ya think. :thaenkin: :thaenkin: :thaenkin:

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what i love about karl marx is that his later work took such a different direction

โ€œHey Doc, feeling kinda sadโ€

Doctor, in a low growl, โ€œDo you long to feel the loam of the forest on your footpads?โ€


Doctor, baring teeth โ€œDo you crave the camaraderie that can only come from stalking prey as a pack?โ€


โ€œThen ask your Doctor if Lycanthropyโ„ข๏ธ is right for youโ€

โ€œYou are my doctorโ€

โ€œLycanthropyโ„ข๏ธ is right for youโ€

I shouldn't be held responsible for anything I've done in the past. People grow and change, I'm a different person now than I was 10 minutes ago when I sold those cigarettes to your 13 year old niece

you come in to this establishment on your skateboard, you olly onto the customer service desk, you olly over our great selection of products โ€“ and yet you still expect to take advantage of our year-round low prices? typical skater entitlement.

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