just learned about superblooms, which is when dormant wildflower seeds germinate at the same time in absurdly high numbers

@Em let's face the facts: outside of laboratory conditions, any fluid we are likely to come into contact in our daily lives will be at least 20% piss by volume

I'm vaccinated, I'm allowed to kiss all the produce now

"He's an outlaw, loose & runnin'"
Came the whisper from each lip
And he's here to do some business
With the Big Iron on his hip
Big Iron on his hiiiiip~~~

WATCH as Boris Johnson gives labour leader Keir Starmer a big wet kiss on the lips

Sean Bean is such an inspiration to legumes all over the world

Thanks so much y’all! I only promote my channel on Mastodon so it really is 100% down to y’all’s support

Cracked dot com top five ways I boinked your dad last night (#1 will surprise you!)

i finally found the screenshot to my favorite text ive ever received

if someone says "theydies and gentlethems", you are legally allowed to piledriver them into a coffee table

Life would be a lot simpler if I was just Sonic the Hedgehog

damn i never knew how ugly elliott smith was, learning a lot about indie music today

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