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WOAH WOW, did you know that I do a *PODCAST*? It's called Boogieman Buddies, and it's an actual-play Podcast that focuses on games that aren't D&D.

We have an urban fantasy campaign using Monster of the Week, a superhero campaign using Masks, and other short campaigns using various other systems. We always have a lot of fun and tell some really good stories while we're at it.

Please give it a listen, and also consider giving this toot a signal boost. Thanks!

What is the most iconic NIN song and why is it Closer?

Doctor Who update: I really like 13. She gives me big 10 vibes.

I started watching Doctor Who again and I'm not doing my livetweets but if you are wondering how things are going the Doctor killed a person with a gun so good job Moffat.

Body hair, personal, potentially gross? 

Nobody warned me about the nipple thing.

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Body hair, personal, potentially gross? 

Things I learned just now after my first use of Nair.
*Tie my hair back before use
*Get a dedicated Nair towel that is fairly sizable
*It burns your nipples like a motherfucker so be careful

A reminder that Dragon Ball Fighter Z is not only a fun fighting game but it has a story mode where Frieza becomes the greatest hero in the galaxy by accident.

All of my friends are online and I'm okay with that.

I've been gone from server with The Asshole in it for a week and I don't feel like I've missed much.

πŸŽπŸ”– <( trans dudes rock )

For the record I do NOT blame the server admins for this. All three of them are cool people. I blame this one individual.

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Apparently he apologized after I left the server but considering he never sent me a private message to apologize to my face (for what its worth over the internet) I'm going to assume it was a hollow platitude to get people to like him again.

You have my Discord information, my dude, send me a DM and maybe I'll believe you're sorry.

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Yes congratulations you made a character with +17 Diplomacy or whatever the fuck, let other people talk every once in a while.

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(it doesnt hurt my decision to not want to play with him anymore that he made a character that hogged the spotlight and left little room for other people to talk in the previous campaign and was generally my least favorite part of playing in it)

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This was the first time in the three years and two campaigns we had played in together that I, myself, had not shown up, and he lost his shit. It's not the first time he's blown up in my general direction about something inconsequential but I'm making it the last.

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At this point the player started yelling that he wished I was clearer and that I had given more of a warning and it's like: Fuck off? I don't know why I'm like this but I'm super not ready to play?

It was around "I put off other plans to play tonight" that I left the server, because he was clearly more concerned about being able to play a fucking game over my mental health.

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Ten minutes before the game started he comes along with "Are we playing tonight or not?"

Now, I thought I had made it pretty clear that I wasn't up to playing, but the GM clarified that no we were not playing that night because we were coming up to the end of a segment in the adventure and the GM wanted everyone there to play.

At this point the other player started saying that he wished I was clearer with my statement that I wasn't up to playing and it's like... how much clearer can I get?

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So, on Tuesday, I was feeling Not Great mentally and I'm not sure why, still, just hole where brain should be disease I guess, so I said something along the lines of

"Hm. Hm. Hm. I'm not sure why but I don't feel up to playing tonight. Just a case of the Bad Brains I guess."

Which I thought was a pretty clear declaration of "Hey, I'm sorry, but I'm not able to play tonight."

I said this over two hours before the game started, which in my mind was plenty of warning.

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I officially quit a Runequest campaign I was quite enjoying because I don't want to play with one particular person anymore. I also left the server that game was on because I don't want to even be in the same server as that person.

Considering what they did to make me do that was on Tuesday and they have yet to reach out and apologize I'd say they aren't sorry at all lol.

Last night I was yelled at for not wanting to play in a TTRPG game because I was having Hole In Head Disease at the moment and it just sure as hell solidified that I don't really want to play with that particular person anymore.

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