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WOAH WOW, did you know that I do a *PODCAST*? It's called Boogieman Buddies, and it's an actual-play Podcast that focuses on games that aren't D&D.

We have an urban fantasy campaign using Monster of the Week, a superhero campaign using Masks, and other short campaigns using various other systems. We always have a lot of fun and tell some really good stories while we're at it.

Please give it a listen, and also consider giving this toot a signal boost. Thanks!

lmao I completely forgot about my alt account for my podcast. Whatever.


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I've been playing a lot of Yakuza 0 and I have come to the conclusion that Yakuza 0 is a good game.

Yeah, that's a hot take. An extremely hot take. But I'm not going to back down from it, which makes me braver than the troops.

I have a mild fascination with the decor in Cheesecake Factory because it feels like a cheesy reproduction of a historic culture that never existed. like all the brass fixtures and columns and art don't actually resemble stuff from this world.

it's like dining somewhere recreating the kinda iberian-franco fascist country from Dishonored. with a huge selection of cheesecake.

It's my birthday which means you have to be nice to me. It's the law.

lmao I can't get people to join up for a DnD game, but that's okay, I'm pretty sure these prefabs are more fun to read than play anyway.

I feel like I was a closeted bi for so long because the phrase "No parent WANTS their kid to be gay" did a lot of damage to me. What if my parents didn't understand? What if I fell in love with a guy and they were disappointed in me?

I've decided that people that say that are just homophobes, and if you're gay and your parent seems disappointed then they're a shitty parent. Your parent should want you to be happy, no matter what.


Someone come and suck my dick.

Yes I am aware this is main.

So with the awful translation and how bad Honey Bee Inn / Wall Street has aged, Final Fantasy VII is a solid B+ game. If Wall Street didn't exist it would be an A-.

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The Materia combos you can set up are fucking insane, and I love them. Mime is hilariously broken in ways that just make me laugh.

I opted to fight the hardest version of Sephiroth, so all of my characters were level 99 and I used Knights of the Round against Jenova Synthesis, but I also killed Ruby and Emerald Weapons, so he was still a bit of a joke.

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This playthrough I went in with the express purpose of breaking the game over my knee in order to kill the game's superbosses, Emerald and Ruby Weapons. I've never done this before, and I don't think I'll ever do it again, but I am glad I did it because breaking the game over your knee is REALLY fun, in a weird way I don't think I ever want to do again but don't regret doing it.

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That being said, the game doesn't get BAD when you leave Midgar, I just always feel this kind of special magic that the game never really can capture again during Midgar. In fact, while the story doesn't quite ever reach the same heights post-Midgar, the gameplay gets quite a bit better. More Materia open up for you, which very much makes the game way more fun.

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(Going back to Remake for a second, the Honey Bee Inn ended up being one of my favorite parts of Remake, because they turn it into a commentary about how gender normativity is bullshit and if you look hot in a dress wear a dress, who cares what gender you are, and that's SO MUCH BETTER of a message than "haha cloud is in a dress thats funny lets all laugh at him")

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And also, now, 25 years later, the Honey Bee Inn.

It's bad.

The entire Wall Street segment is awful.

Cloud getting a dress is treated as a joke and the Honey Bee Inn is the worst part of the worst part of the game. I know that I said Midgar was my favorite part, and it still is, but Wall Street (Classic) is the highest exception and hoofa doofa can I never, ever, EVER be forced to experience that again please?

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The translation is AWFUL. The translators basically gave up after Kalm and the backstory of Cloud, and even before then it was riddled with typos and weird translations where I had no idea what was trying to be conveyed. After Kalm, it's almost impossible to follow and I had the barest idea of what was trying to be conveyed when the game got really deep into its complicated story.

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Now, Final Fantasy VII (Classic).

This is an A+ game as well, but marred by some stuff, both from the original time that the game came out, and also some stuff that the ravages of time have made really uncomfortable.

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Overall, FF7 Remake is SUPER GOOD and I'm really excited over what's going to be happening next. A+ game.

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This was also the first time I have played Intermission! I bought it when it came out but never got around to playing it. Yuffie's gameplay is really, REALLY fun! Probably my favorite out of the 5 playable characters. She's got some really kickass mechanics going on.

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