the youth... too busy playing with centipede and inchworm for lenin


I'm a barbie frog
On a barbie loooog
I'm amphibian
Thanks a million

i dont get cis men taking shirtless pics, like dude you have no top surgery scars to be proud of who cares

'find angus' can be seen as an evolutionary throwback to caveman times, when the ability to detect tigers signalled reproductive fitness

@Aleums YES YES YES OH MY GOD YES IT’S ANGUS YESSSS YES β‹‚β‹‚β‹‚β‹‚β‹‚β‹‚β‹‚β‹‚β‹‚β‹‚β‹‚β‹‚ angus.... thank you....

i am going to sneak into sam’s house and vacuum angus

if twin peaks is so good how come theres no triplet peaks

""Not all who wander are lost"
- JRR Tolkien"
- Angus

no ec 

I finished making a sweater! With a fancy cable down the sleeve!

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