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Guess I'll do an post again. I'm Kitty, 40 something living near with my fianceé @shulabramble with our four . Currently doing , glad I got ahead early to make up for the past couple days of low word count. I like and sometimes I'm or otherwise , , and I like . I'm and also a lot because of (and today because I had PT yesterday)

Bayou Lacombe Choctaw (St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana) Ishsho'ha (sieve) basket for sieving cornmeal after pounding the dried corn in a log mortar (Bushnell 1909, Plate 9). #culture #ethnography

If you know someone in Seattle who is on Capitol Hill and been itching to dip into meal/clothing distro, pass along my deets. We do about 90 minutes of roaming the hot spots with wagons and handing out home cooked meals by a comrade (he's a pro cook as fate would have it and was determined to do this with or without helping hands...luckily we found one another and got to cooking this up over the past year), seasonal clothing, some light care items, etc etc.

There's also a few other folks that do similar on Wednesday (one does distro, one does a cookout) if Thursdays are crap on your schedule, just in case that works better.

Feeling good as we approach almost one year starting out with just the two of us and connecting with at least a dozen who tap in when they can, so wanted to blab a bit about it, lol. A YEAR, OMG!

On the evening of Saturday, November 19, chainsaw-wielding militants took action to close down the Atlanta Police Department’s shooting range inside the Weelaunee Forest, where APD trains weekly to kill and maim the people of Atlanta. A few small trees were selectively felled in order to block the access road to the shooting range. One of the felled trees hit a power line which provides electricity to the shooting range, leading to a power surge which blew a transformer and disabled the cameras, which were then destroyed with fire and hammers. The power line only services the shooting range. No residential areas were impacted by the outage.

#DirectAction #Atlanta #ACAB #CommunityService

Just a reminder that if you're American and thankful for even the meager workplace protections we enjoy as a result of labor organization, the Harper Collins union is currently striking and accepting donations for it's strike fund. 😙

Those of us of a certain age cannot remember Ricardo Montalbán without hearing the phrase "soft Corinthian leather."

@evan @markallerton @ks It's ironic and sad that we're seeing the biggest spikes in fediverse adoption in history precisely because users are fleeing a centralized network that is becoming less safe... and yet we still don't acknowledge that for social networks, safety is the P0 feature.

Yes, the fediverse is safer for some users than centralized social networks, and I'm truly happy for them. But for other users, it is much less safe. You hit on a great point. The things people are fighting against are nonsensical because if you want just good software, that's what you do. You iterate and adapt. You make it easier for people to use.

This is how we know this type of resistance is based on bigotry, not anything substantial.

@evan @markallerton @ks

There's increasing evidence that good moderation just doesn't scale well. Having a mod to user ratio of under 1 to 1000 seems ideal. There's all the opportunity for decentralized social to be safer than centralized. And we're squandering it.

By funneling marginalized users to big instances like and, letting them experience horrible abuse, and then blocking them for not using CW when they ask for help.

I refuse to accept an economic system in which school teachers pay a higher tax rate than billionaire investors.

Lobster Dinner.

During a workshop in the summer, here on the Isle Of Mull, I spotted that the otter we were watching had caught something in the loch, and was swimming towards the shore.

I got my clients into a position where I hoped they'd get some images, and then lay down nearby.

The otter surprised me slightly by climbing ashore right in front of me! Thank goodness for silent cameras.

#otter #lobster #mull #wildlife #guiding #WildlifePhotography #NaturePhotography #Scotland

Now that we're starting to see more impersonation accounts on Mastodon, a reminder that verified websites are a thing. It's not perfect, but implementable at the individual level, and this is how we know for example which of these is the real @stephenfry - and it's not the one with the meaningless checkmark. :)

Tonight I'm studying the intersectionality of techy trans femmes :cpp_trans: , horny trans femmes :heart_eyes_cat_trans: and older trans femmes :heart_trans:

My key conclusion is y'all are amazingly gorgeous, whatever server you're on 💜

I’ve had a lot of people ask me recently why not stay on Twitter and fight.

The reason is because Musk controls the algorithm. He could ban you tomorrow, and he could also just deprioritize every one of your tweets so no one sees them.

You can’t fight and win when the opponent has complete control over the field of conflict.

That unbearable feeling, almost physically painful, of hearing people talk in an uninformed way about one of your pet subjects, so uncomfortable that you have to leave the room until they change the subject, because if you start telling them why they’re wrong, you will never, ever stop. #NeurodivergentProblems.

Hey, it's great that some of you have found the reporting feature, but just a reminder:

"This person disagrees with me" is not grounds for a report. Sometimes you just need to block the user if they're getting on your nerves. You can even block an entire instance if you like.

If you want to help your admins, take a look at your instance rules and let us know which one you think a user is actually violating, when you submit a report.


We created the account at Mastodon only a week ago and this community here grown to over 32,000.

Thank you for welcoming us here, thank you for all boosts, comments, advice, support and your engagement.

We are still learning and try to find our specific language on this platform. Your feedback is much appreciated.

Remember with us and amplify our voice.

#mastodon #Memorial #NeverForget #history #education #memory #Remember #followerpower #follow #Holocaust #Shoah #community #fediverse

Right winger are organizing a false mass report campaign of over 5000 Twitter accounts in a blatant attempt to deplatform the Left

theres not enough love for us trans guys and mascs

heres some love for us trans guys and mascs: we're hot, rad, and fine as hell :blobhearttranscat:

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