Blondie - The Best of Blondie
Nina Simone - Silk & Soul
Dazey And The Scouts - Maggot
Кино - КИНО / Kino - KINO
Kero Kero Bonito - Time 'n' Place
Мельница - Дорога Сна / Melnitsa - Doroga Sna
Grimes - Visions (I KNOW I'M SORRY)
Король и Шут - Камнем по голове / Korol' i Shut - Kamnem po golove
Vashti Bunyan - Just Another Diamond Day

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a bit of my haphazard “just the two of us” arrangement (space echo for slapback, all grit/reverb/trem is from the amp)

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80% of mariupol is destroyed and 40% of infrastructure is destroyed beyond repair. pls help by donating pls boost!

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fake ableist bullshit (also racist)

i like 2 types of posters i like those who toot about their life and i like the jokesters

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#OtD 8 Jan 1950 The Daily Compass began publishing a series of articles exposing the Bronx "slave market". Unemployed Black women would gather to be hired at rock bottom wages by white housewives. Learn more:

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. ❆ 
෴෴۩ ෴෴෴෴෴︿෴෴
. . · ,        .  

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i want to make mulled wine just for the looks

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