Blondie - The Best of Blondie
Nina Simone - Silk & Soul
Dazey And The Scouts - Maggot
Кино - КИНО / Kino - KINO
Kero Kero Bonito - Time 'n' Place
Мельница - Дорога Сна / Melnitsa - Doroga Sna
Grimes - Visions (I KNOW I'M SORRY)
Король и Шут - Камнем по голове / Korol' i Shut - Kamnem po golove
Vashti Bunyan - Just Another Diamond Day

@deadwitchflying hehe, i know, just joking c:
i've left a tone tag - you can see list of commonly used ones here

@kozlick I didn't see it actually lol. I don't read most post from start to finish

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