@deadwitchflying hehe, i know, just joking c:
i've left a tone tag - you can see list of commonly used ones here tonetags.carrd.co/#masterlist

Blondie - The Best of Blondie
Nina Simone - Silk & Soul
Dazey And The Scouts - Maggot
Кино - КИНО / Kino - KINO
Kero Kero Bonito - Time 'n' Place
Мельница - Дорога Сна / Melnitsa - Doroga Sna
Grimes - Visions (I KNOW I'M SORRY)
Король и Шут - Камнем по голове / Korol' i Shut - Kamnem po golove
Vashti Bunyan - Just Another Diamond Day

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@deadwitchflying this idea is awesome, can i make a collage as well?

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a bit of my haphazard “just the two of us” arrangement (space echo for slapback, all grit/reverb/trem is from the amp)

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internship fun times 

@apt that sounds great i hope you're going to have a wonderful summer!!!

80% of mariupol is destroyed and 40% of infrastructure is destroyed beyond repair. pls help by donating pls boost!
src: t.me/hromadske_ua/18396

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i like 2 types of posters i like those who toot about their life and i like the jokesters

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#OtD 8 Jan 1950 The Daily Compass began publishing a series of articles exposing the Bronx "slave market". Unemployed Black women would gather to be hired at rock bottom wages by white housewives. Learn more: libcom.org/history/bronx-slave

@trashguts totally agree, i wish i've never decided to see what my "fellow peers" are doing because i discovered that nationalism in russia is as rampant as ever and tens of thousands of my "fellow peers" want me to die so i'm no threat to the slav prosperity and see my bare existence as big funny
the less you know the better

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