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Hey okay I got a buncho new friends on this account recently!! I love new friends! But I know some people are prone to following without reading the profile and pins, so just to BEE SAFE :bee:, I want to make it very clear that this is my Lewd Alt. I almost exclusively post nsfw here. If you're not interested in that, I am the same goblin at heart over on my main, @malkosh
Of course you're welcome if you're comfy! I did authorize your follow reqs :blobkissheart:

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bdsmtest results 

I did the version that skips the dom questions.

In lieu of an image description, link for a plaintext version of my results:

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My natural environment is in dark, hot water, perhaps around a deep sea gas vent. I was born with my eyes open and I will die with my eyes open. I like oatmeal raisin cookies. I am lactose intolerant. I bleed sometimes. My favorite sky is full of stars. Time is a myth. I like to sleep for 10 hours. My joints are weak. I can do handstands against a wall. Pickles should be made in salt and never vinegar.

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Introduction uwu 

Hi it's ya boi Buggy aka Malky aka the cute enby sex goblin! This is my new lewd alt. I intend for this to be a strictly 18+ no-kinkshaming account so minors, creeps, and h8rs Do Not Interact or meet the block zone :)
I'm a kinky binch and I Fuck2Forget.
Anything boostable is free to boost. Everything explicit will be CW'd. Feel free to message me about anything.
I'm in an open relationship. Flirts are appreciated from mutuals or friends only. I think that's all for now y'all ;D

lewd ish, caps 


Can (and should)
Be spanked

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lwd, slightly cursed 

Givin ur coochie a little goodnight kiss and singing it a lullaby

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lwd, slightly cursed 

Kissing ur dick gn and tucking it into bed

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lwd, slightly cursed 

Kissing ur nippies goodnight


not rlly horny just wanna do some body worship with my hands and mouth


Oh noo don't overpower and abduct me very easily bc i am small and weak ur so sexyy ahaha

kink implied 

I'm a very good kidnapping victim. I even have practice being carried around and manhandled in all sorts of ways

Posting height on my horny bc me being so small is clearly something sexual

youre just gonna scroll by without saying "Thank you 1990"

My digital persona is technically a product owned by goblincamp inc

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