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'suppose it's high time for an post here!
what's up i'm em or whatever and i'm fascinated with small plants, fungi, rocks and other various marvels of the universe.
i'm also into trashy musicals + movies, and am always looking for any film or tune recommendation, regardless of its cursed-ness, so feel free to drop a rec if you want! :^)

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β€” Some random girl on my bus route, unprompted

"...has a sixth sense for detecting wild onions..."
β€” Jack, who knows far too much

β€” microwave

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and on the fifth day, god said "today i'm gonna make a bunch of gorgeous little freaks" and set off to work on about a gazillion different types of sea slugs

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CRYINGGGGG i was shufflin' thru my notebook from last summer and found a page of Quotes that i actually witnessed the exchanges of irl. here are some of my faves 

hot take: museums are just hoarders with money and clout

ideal career: professional museum gawker. u just walk around & look at things

my entire yt recommended feed has been art conservation for days on end i love it here

yo, if you're stuck inside and like documentaries; here's the film RUMBLE: The Indians Who Rocked the World. It's about the native american roll in the founding of rock and roll and how pivotal we were to rock music, as well as the erasure of our role.

on the day of your lesbian coronation ellen degeneres lets you pick one male celebrity to be superficially in love with and then you're organized into factions based on who you chose. this is how stan twitter was invented

There are an astounding number of galaxies out there. This one 60 second shot of the sky around the galaxy M101 with the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory's Baker Nunn telescope shows at least 70 galaxies. In the second image arrows point to the ones I found.

lifeposting + hey 

hey yall im playing quiplash with @moss @dankwraith and @chillallmen lmk if yall wanna join

"baker is just a portmanteau of bread and maker"
-- @geet

Me explaining what happens in an album of The Dear Hunter to someone who just listened to it for the first time

(just a lil bit of backstory so i don't get people in my mentions about "but lichen aren't plaaaaaaaants" ikik i just be forgetting to post the rest of stuff)

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did some seriously on-brand shenanigan last week when the weather had been dry for a while -- i was soaking loose chunks of moss + fallen lichen-covered bark pieces in water and then just puttin 'm back lmao

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