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'suppose it's high time for an post here!
what's up i'm em or whatever and i'm fascinated with small plants, fungi, rocks and other various marvels of the universe.
i'm also into trashy musicals + movies, and am always looking for any film or tune recommendation, regardless of its cursed-ness, so feel free to drop a rec if you want! :^)

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β€” Some random girl on my bus route, unprompted

"...has a sixth sense for detecting wild onions..."
β€” Jack, who knows far too much

β€” microwave

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and on the fifth day, god said "today i'm gonna make a bunch of gorgeous little freaks" and set off to work on about a gazillion different types of sea slugs

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@moss I ain't the first and I wont be the last

domain brokers are just professional url squatters

i probably couldn't tell you the first thing about china collecting or whatever (i just have a very intense aesthetic appreciation for it), but tell me: do these, or do these not, look dope as hell

cw: religion 

so i joined this server last week and stumbled immediately into religious discourse. this was one of the first messages i read in chat

bit of context: she heard some noise outside her window and the gc just started photoshopping random stuff outside, including lucky luciano, james charles, goddamn mothra, etc 

"that's real--!?"
- yeah? after we found the spider in my room a few days ago i've been kinda paranoid, and it looks like i had a reason to be now.
"what IS that!? it-- it's got blue eyes!"
- mom!
- it's a picture of mothra!
- why would you think a moth that's four feet tall outside of my window was real!

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i'm cryinggg i photoshopped mothra in my friend's window and her mom thought it was real help

get the fuck out of my room i'm playing minecraft 

hopped in 'n out of 2b2t for a while early this morning; it was pretty chill after the folks at spawn quit murdering me lmfao
there was actually some pretty decent people in chat until the morning/mid-day crowd came on, then it was just. yeah

anyways if u have java edition and wanna play on a realm or something sometime let me fuckin knooooooow β€’wβ€’"

bitchhikers, nsfw implied, cognitohazard 

(easter egg from the hhgg 1984 interactive fiction)

douglas adams didn't have to drag arthur through the mud like this, but alas

(i called the time that because i forgot to check what time it actually was before running off to bully him -_-" haters will call it elder abuse)

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interrupted my dad's vc and told him to "stop talking about anal beads at frick o'clock in the mornevening". mf left his mic on

only watching shows populated by idiots. if i don't have to pause it every 5 minutes to shout "GODDDD THEY'RE SO STUPID" at the screen it's not worth my time

just used the phrase "logging off from the IRLscape" and wanted to let yall in on that

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