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'suppose it's high time for an post here!
what's up i'm em or whatever and i'm fascinated with small plants, fungi, rocks and other various marvels of the universe.
i'm also into trashy musicals + movies, and am always looking for any film or tune recommendation, regardless of its cursed-ness, so feel free to drop a rec if you want! :^)

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— Some random girl on my bus route, unprompted

"...has a sixth sense for detecting wild onions..."
— Jack, who knows far too much

— microwave

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and on the fifth day, god said "today i'm gonna make a bunch of gorgeous little freaks" and set off to work on about a gazillion different types of sea slugs

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"Death blowing bubbles", by Johann Georg Leinberger, 1728-1731.
A plaster work piece on the ceiling of Holy Grave Chapel in Michaelsberg Abbey, Bamberg, Germany.

Enjoy these screenshots from a random WAD from the /idgames Archive, that being 1994's greco21a by Thomas E. Davis.

It's a rather typical WAD from the time, not really showing anything all that new in the terms of uniqueness.

The first thing that a player will notice is really the lack of props in the game as a whole, plus a lot of the rooms are just blank, only filled with monsters that are a pain to fight at first, but by the end are just a joke.

I'd say skip.

also inb4 "oh but it's green" yeah BUT the shape nd number of segments, the length of the antennae, the... bro just let me have this one

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for the sake of my brain im just gonna go ahead and pretend some new zealander came over here and dropped this longboi off 9 thousand miles away from its native habitat /hj

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lowkey wanna say it's an acanthoxyla inermis or at least vaguely related to such but..... those are endemic to new zealand and i haven't really found much info on phasmids native to where i'm at that look similar enough to this one for an id 😳

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good evening moss nation i just tried to open my fridge and walk into it instead of my actual room
how are we doing tonight

Summer fun! 🏖❤️ (*private island all tested negative multiple times wear a mask ❤️)

every insightful, thought-provoking video essay invariably ends with "a special thanks to all my patrons: kyle lastname, genericusername, gorillagripchungus69, ..." it's just jarring

wizard levels are holding at 73%

(73%) ■■■■■■■□□□

the second greatest mistake my dad ever made was introducing me 2 rocky horror. the first mistake was Me

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