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β€” Some random girl on my bus route, unprompted

"...has a sixth sense for detecting wild onions..."
β€” Jack, who knows far too much

β€” microwave

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"but it's only 3 pm," you say. this is new england, i remind you; the sun is gonna set in like an hour anyways. it's honorary nighttime

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where are the smart people that know things.... I have questions

for a brief second my brain transported me to this hell dimension in which everything was the same, except you parenthesize things backwards )like this(
... evil

why do i love ferries? because they're wet trains, or the people's yacht

bideo games, goblin shenanigans 

i.e. if you look at me irl i have permission to just absolutely decimate you without further provocation

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perhaps my favorite part about pokemon is how making eye contact with another character is largely interpreted as an act of aggression. just like in real life

cursed pickup line, general cw for Bad 

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! y'all!!!! exciting old cookbook news!!!!!!!

the university of san antonio has digitized their collection of early mexican and mexican-american cookbooks and put them up for people to freely access!!! going back to handwritten recipe books from 1789!!!!! is an article about it, is a direct link to the oldest manuscript, same as pictured below!

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