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intropost since i moved instances 

i'm @neko, formerly of
please do not actually use my name.

early 30s. she/her. asexual. weakly agender.

i live in a housing cooperative in Wisconsin, US.

techy enough to break things, but not smart enough to actually get a job in it.

i mostly shitpost and disappoint you. sometimes video games.

gonna get myself kicked out of subaru club for having too many shitpost stickers

incredibly important news:

eyezmaze is back and ported all his Grow games to html5

Gonna learn to code DNA because capitalism will never develop the catgirl vaccine on its own.

i'd definitely start a fight with a goose but idk if i could finish it

Okay guys, that goose is going to fuck you up, I know you don't believe me


more people please flee chicago to crash the rental market so i can afford to move there thanks


"so i'm from missouri but i haven't been in town because of covid but now my son is sick"
ma'am this is a furnace store

I drove to the next state over for Reasons and saw someone with one of the new Broncos and it was as cool as I was imagining

DK as portrayed in Donkey Kong Country is shown to be a banana hoarder who goes on to fight a monarch, King K Rool, over the loss of his fortune and to be rid of the king, making the game an allegory for the American War of Independence. In this essay...

Yelling at random non-Israeli Jews is like yelling at Australians about South African politics. We don't go there, we have no family there, you're just mad we look vaguely like them

Gaze long into the abyss and the abyss will request CW: eye contact

Sharing a list of online bookstores I know about so you don't have to buy from Amazon or B&N (EXPAND) 

McSweeney’s, independent nonprofit publishing company

Detritus Books

Firestorm Coop, collectively-owned radical bookstore

AK Press, worker-run, collectively-managed, anarchist publishing and distribution

Thriftbooks, huge independent bookseller, sells new and used books for good prices

Fellow Traveler, bookstore owned and operated by Listen Left Audiobooks

Small Beer Press, publisher of fantasy and literary fiction

Left Wing Books, publisher and distributor of radical books and pamphlets

Bookshop⁣.org, online bookstore with a mission to support local bookstores

#book #books #bookstore #online #boycottamazon #indie #independant

This is now a newspaper comic fan theory account 

The guy in the Lockhorns is a COBOL programmer

when forming a polycule it's always important to make sure there's a healthy balance of tanks, healers, and dps

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