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intropost since i moved instances 

i'm @neko, formerly of
please do not actually use my name.

early 30s. she/her. asexual. weakly agender.

i live in a housing cooperative in Wisconsin, US.

techy enough to break things, but not smart enough to actually get a job in it.

i mostly shitpost and disappoint you. sometimes video games.

Islamophobic Progroms are happening in France in response to a French Neonazi being beheaded 

Cheating at reversi just so I can get the little award cup icon

What if we put Pac-Man on top of a dragon's body! 

It'd look something... like this!

Pol- joke 

Alt-right to rebrand as "serf and TERF"

I like the motto of this mushroom catalogue I have. "Proud to be part of this rotting world"

I can't really give a review other than you can really tell how much Vinny loves REM

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I can't believe Yoshi is a member of Sigur Rรณs

they have standards for the web???? then why are they letting you post lmao

I sit in an empty classroom, large enough for a hundred students. The lights are off, and I'm lit only by the overcast sky visible through the windows as the light fades to evening. I sit motionless, staring at my desk, my head drooping but gaze alert. My right index finger twitches irregularly. Suddenly I stand up with violent speed, stride to the blackboard, pick up a well-used piece of chalk, and cover it with one word: "FEMGIRLS?" I stare at what I've done, then sprint from the building

there are so many laugh-out-loud moments in this foxconn-wisconsin article, but there are also several mystifying quotes from people who seem genuinely surprised that they were conned ... as if they really do live in a different timeline from the rest of us

some more insomnia doodles from last night: an echinoderm array, a nephropid cultist, a box kite cnidaria, a hen-o'-th'-woods, an abstract installation, and a mysterious interventionist. #pixelart #gamedev

dream journal 

getting bullied by Brendan Fraser

ok i'm done, thanks the couple people who stopped by! hope i wasn't too boring!

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"For this challenge, you'll each need to use one of the ingredients under this sheet. When I remove the sheet, you'll all rush up and grab your ingredient."

Paul removes the sheet, revealing a drawn and quartered Matt Lucas.

@neko to be totally fair, in the midwest there's nothing else to do but hope you get swept away by a tornado

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