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the finalized lineup for Psycho Las Vegas just dropped. @ me if you're going because i need some friends to scream "play Bella Ciao" at Crippled Black Phoenix with me

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Got my vaccine!


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intropost since i moved instances 

i'm @neko, formerly of
please do not actually use my name.

early 30s. she/her. asexual. weakly agender.

i live in a housing cooperative in Wisconsin, US.

techy enough to break things, but not smart enough to actually get a job in it.

i mostly shitpost and disappoint you. sometimes video games.

if you dont have enough tofu in your house, i'll be sending government anarchists to step on your balls

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For future reference, fixing a corrupted outlook can take up to 2 hours

Thinking about comics

In an effort to modernise, the Catholic Church has announced that you can now pay indulgences in clout

#OtD 25 Jul 1867 Karl Marx wrote the preface to the first German edition of his masterwork, Das Kapital (Capital). It remains the most decisive and insightful critique of the capitalist system ever written. Here it is on

somewhere in the multiverse there's someone using IPv5 on Windows 9

Reminder that August Derleth was better than HP Lovecraft in every possible way and was an absolute chad

Reserved a ticket to worldcon a mere 13 months early, absolutely queen shit right here

Dream journal 

I think I can identify most of the locations my brain sampled for this.
-cafeteria at the house on the rock
-a local two-story supper club
-the tortoise exhibit at the zoo
-maybe the mall I liked as a kid that got demolished in ~2009

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Dream journal 

Somehow ended up with like 4 cases of cherry bitters. Sold them to a restauranteur for $150. Ended up at this weird indoor resort/mall that people kept calling Disney World when it was clearly not. Got yelled at for biking inside. There was a room full of horses that was extra tacky. A DJ who remembered me from a previous dream invited me to a transit of Venus party. He said he liked my watch. He was wearing a Tokyoflash one. I found my parents, who had awful haircuts.

tests are showing spontaneous combustion levels at 86%

(86%) β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β–‘β–‘

Subtoot at someone too cool to even know what federation even is 


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Subtoot at someone too cool to even know what federation even is 

You knew the sink is broken yet you still invited your girlfriend over AFTER skipping out on helping prepare dinner

Shabbat is fucked but it's ok I ordered pizza it's fine that nobody told me we were having guests even though the kitchen sink is still broken

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