Hey foss nerds: Is there a federated recipe blog type thing? I want a place to post my vegan co-op slop recipes other than linking people to my soup.txt files on Dropbox

(I'm not kidding. If you want 20 servings of meatless chicken and dumpling soup, it's chowder.txt)

I guess there's a hashtag for now

check this thread for some vegan dumpling soup

Or is this a symptom of how the tech community is majority cis men so they don't care about food recipes beyond mixing coffee into Soylent :blobthinking:

Luke Smith have the website
No ads, no tracking, no dynamic garbage. Just recipes that are added by random people using git in a static website.

@lllillilll good idea but that dude is a memelord and looks like will refuse vegan food in his submission guidelines

@lllillilll oh and looks like his videos have a bunch of pepes so he's probably a Nazi.

This is why nobody takes the foss community seriously


I use Lemmy for that. We have a community for vegetal recipes, but only in Basque language. You could do so in another instance maybe :)
I would read yours willingly

@neko I think could work but it's just generic federated blogging software, nothing recipe specific


I really, REALLY want this. Finding recipes on the internet is a horrible experience.


My only suggestion would be putting up a dokuwiki website but that isn't really what you are looking for and requires jumping through the hoops of setting up a website.

Once you have gone through the shenanigans of setting up a website setup though, dokuwiki is wonderfully simple.

@carl that's very close and I'll probably check it out purely because it can interface with paprika, but it's missing the dream target of "strangers can stumble on the recipes too"

Man I don't know but if you find one I wanna make an account!!

@neko not exactly what you're asking for, but is an open source recipe website with an RSS feed. You can either try and contribute directly to it or host it in a lightweight fashion yourself (maybe and federate by using RSS.

@rslabbert the guy who runs it is a chud, but forking could be a good idea

@neko you could try it's federated minimalist blogging

@neko which part of the blog do you want to federate? Eg. do you just want people to be able to follow you from the fediverse, do you want replies to show up on your blog as a comments section, etc

@Satsuma I'm imagining something like peertube or the federated timeline, where adjacent instances just show up and are searchable


Wouldn't #Bookwyrm work for that ?
It's not what's it's intended for, but that would be a cool hack.
Maybe #Lemmy also ?

@lienrag a reddity thing probably is the best out of the box solution

@neko Not federated, but there's structured data rules for recipes that let things like voice assistants read them aloud better and such. I don't know how people do them outside of WordPress plugins

@neko you could host wiki for that, for example from raspberry pi or if you have nextcloud somwhere ther is an app for cookbooks
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