Important: there was a Barbie Dream Supercomputer in the 60s

@neko a a truly mini computer from a time when “mini computer” meant the size of a slightly largish refridgerator

@neko I wonder if someone has made any 3d printable versions 🤔

@crazypedia apparently it has some internal mechanism so the reels and the monitor move

@neko It was connected to the Time Tunnel. Old Ken (Tweed Suit) & Younger Ken (Turtle Neck Sweater) never returned.

@neko Wasn't "Computer (job)" originally a traditional female role, like "nurse" and "secretary"?

@neko In the 60s computer programming was still considered women’s work, and low-status

@neko Very popular Meego accessory.

'Vintage Sears Floor Model Computer for 11 1/2" Dolls Made in Hong Kong This is a vintage Sears Floor Model Computer for 11.5" dolls (Barbie size). The computer stands about 10" tall. No batteries are required. It works with a push of the finger. Press down on the orange button on the side and the computer like screen rotates and the computer reels move back and forth. The seat extends out on a swivel like mechanism.'

@neko What is this keyboard for?
And what is this stick in her right hand?

@nk it's all there to look cool, who knows. The keyboard doesn't do anything on the toy itself

@neko my phone is a more powerful computer than this beast of a contraption.

@neko In 1968, France Gall [sang]( about an app for match making. Maybe the earliest Dating app mentioned(?).

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