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and they named him Milvendil, or "Milf-friend", in the old milvish

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banned from my local pro shitting league for using performance-enhancing drugs

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Medieval Chad/Virgin shitpost 

why does the Chad Noble get to live in the inner castle while us serfs are stuck out here toiling in the fields? why does Lady Veronica always go for the asshole knights who will just treat them badly? us serfs have developed superior dexterity from working with our hands all day, which means better stamina and performance in bed. we really do live in a freaking monarchy, peasants rise up

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dude i don't give a flying fuck. i don't give a running shit. i don't give a rolling piss

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going absolutely apeshit in my lord's wheat fields

i'll never forget the hat i saw in Beijing that just said "RED ANT BELT" on it

my papa is a rimmer, his papa was a rimmer, and his papa was a rimmer and ill be a rimmer till the day i die

Lino cutting 

I made a stamp today to make labels for garlic hot sauce

This is just a test print so it's a little blotchy but I think it'll look nice when it's done (I still have to make the hot sauce, peppers are fermenting at the moment)

The universe and existence itself slaps hard af

@bees yeah my i got my license from a registered BMC Agent. Just look up Antoine SiddΓ³n

i can tolerate waterlogged sites, sites with poor soil quality, and windy sites

go fill up a Hefty bag from the salad bar at Whole Foods and just walk the fuck out. if anyone tries to stop you say "hm yes it's an interesting area of legal theory but ultimately it's non-justiciable" and keep walking.

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