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hey wanna hear my experimental ambient mixtape? haha yeah you're right it's not really the vibe, it's all good lol

i literally don't get it. why do people make plans and then abandon them with no word or warning? do they want me to be upset? or is someone catfishing me from multiple fake tinder accounts??

wonder how many drawstrings i've pulled in my young life

@ghendrix you have to take your shoes off when you enter. come up easy to the polished copper counter and your latte's already waiting, turn around from the bar and there's a fireplace with a recessed, cushioned seating area, for lounging.

to your left is the Library Hall, with all my favorite books and your too, and dozens of small reading nook with perfectly comfy sofas offset of each other, each forming the wall of the other, where there's already a glass of water and bronze reading lamp lit

the best part is to the right, a greenhouse with long wooden tables for chatting and sharing meals, and old elm trees growing through gaps in the glass, forming a natural canopy above.

step outside and the roots of a massive, titanic uprooted oak tree have been carved into benches, into tables, each following this trees natural organic logic

thelonious monk is playing

pretty much done with the palette swap, and i'm pretty happy with it! still need to change a few tiny things like menus, some icons, and hover effects.

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A sanctuary for goblins of all kinds to lurk and cause mischief.