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the fool: Chilling 3
the wise man: Chilling 3000

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and they named him Milvendil, or "Milf-friend", in the old milvish

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banned from my local pro shitting league for using performance-enhancing drugs

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dude i don't give a flying fuck. i don't give a running shit. i don't give a rolling piss

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going absolutely apeshit in my lord's wheat fields

Finished sanding my custom skateboard and it's now up for sale on Etsy! The art is coated in resin to protect from moisture and light damage (no guarantees if you plan to shred hard though)

the joker became the joker because he tried to make a bulleted list with consistent formatting, starting from a template provided by microsoft word

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the appeal of Pokemon boils down to having a little guy as your friend

Around the world, around the world (x1000)

the haters are stacking various status effects on me and my goons

im the guy who leaves out the fresh bread and cheese in the skyrim dungeons.

referring to all surgery above the waist as top surgery and everything below the waist as bottom surgery

wisdom teeth removed ? top surgery

hip replacement ? bottom surgery

hope this helps

*casts a debuff on you, your SP DEF is lowered*

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