they call me Rodent Lord, Rat King, The Angel of Cheese. far and wide they speak my names: Filth Monger, The Scurrier, Nibbler of Crumbs. their ancestors will write my names in their histories: CrustCruncher, Stench Lurker, and He Whomst Nasty As Hell. By all these names I am called, and all these names shall be feared forevermore

pick my new display name

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@pizza i dont know why my reaction to a choice herb was to go "haha is there a ten hour video of a ship's horn" but it was

@pizza I'm INCREDIBLY torn because, on one hand it's CRUNCH solidarity with crustcruncher, but on the other I'm not sure if you'd be moochin' on m' turf, punk

@pizza Stench Lurker, Nibbler of Crumbs is my favorite duel masters card

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