all the phone/utility rooms in this office building are accessed through the mens room on each respective floor, in a kind of "well of course it's that way" architectural sexism.

this sign depicts a more progressive world!

not a perfect one. no. but a more progressive one, indeed.

[saluting Women silhouette with a single tear down my cheek] o7


@jackdaw_ruiz that's so strange, like why not just make the entrance on the hallway side...

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@pizza @jackdaw_ruiz what if the electrician or utility person has to pee on their way to the room? this is more efficient babey

@nutt @jackdaw_ruiz they should have just put the gender neutral restroom in there so people of any gender identity can piss and fix fuses at the same time. Now THAT would be efficiency

@pizza @jackdaw_ruiz this is ridiculous. then only one worker can piss at a time

@nutt @jackdaw_ruiz ok back to the drawing board, we're thinking big here... uhhh ok ok, how about this: every floor of the office is just one giant room and everyone sits on a toilet instead of a chair

@pizza @jackdaw_ruiz or, every workstation is a single gender neutral bathroom

@nutt @jackdaw_ruiz now we're cooking with gas. gonna bring this up at our next all staff meeting

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