The history of all hitherto existing posts is the history of shit posts

@Ophillous @pizza yeah I'd like to have this printed out large and hung on my wall

@crazypedia @Ophillous it will be assigned reading for the Posting 101 class I will be teaching

@pizza best paper about the fediverse i've seen in my life, exactly what enlightment looks like.

@pizza I like how the actual print is less than have the surface area of the face of the piece.

That's how you know it's art.

@Anarkat it's probably a $10 print with a $15 frame, marked up 300% lmao

@pizza i am distressingly close to buying the coffee mug of this

@dankwraith the mug is definitely the best one, i would also big time send it as a postcard

@pizza this is it, this is the platonic ideal of a shitpost

Every shitpost is just a shadow of this

@dragon thank you. many years of valuable research went into this

@femforms @pizza somehow get this printed and somehow get bepis 4 and this in the same selfie

@pizza this is it. a unified field theory. einstein get wreckt.

@pizza @red ok Jordan Peterson has finally won me over

@pizza i want this framed in the foyer i dont have

@pizza Ah, yes, the foundations of Shitpost Studies, or as some call it, coprographology

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