more antiracist orgs to donate to, link 

Saw this link posted on twitter, here you can donate with one big transaction and split it up among several organizations, including:
-Black Lives Matter Global Network
- National Bail Out
- Know Your Rights Camp
- Black Voters Matter Fund
- NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
- The National Police Accountability Project
- Color of Change Education Fund
- Unicorn Riot
- Campaign Zero
- Advancement Project
- The Marshall Project


If you are hand-wringing about how you can personally help: give PoC your money

If you are not physically or mentally able to get out in the streets: give PoC your money

If you get a consistent paycheck and have a comfortable living situation like me: give PoC your money

If all you've done so far is post on social media and argue with your relatives: give PoC your money

Money is material change. Money gets people food and water. Money bails people out of prison. Please give if you're able.

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more antiracist orgs to donate to, link 

as penance for what I have wrought on the timeline today, I'm chipping another $10 to each of the organizations on this list. Choose one and match me maybe?

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