more antiracist orgs to donate to, link 

Saw this link posted on twitter, here you can donate with one big transaction and split it up among several organizations, including:
-Black Lives Matter Global Network
- National Bail Out
- Know Your Rights Camp
- Black Voters Matter Fund
- NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
- The National Police Accountability Project
- Color of Change Education Fund
- Unicorn Riot
- Campaign Zero
- Advancement Project
- The Marshall Project

If you are hand-wringing about how you can personally help: give PoC your money

If you are not physically or mentally able to get out in the streets: give PoC your money

If you get a consistent paycheck and have a comfortable living situation like me: give PoC your money

If all you've done so far is post on social media and argue with your relatives: give PoC your money

Money is material change. Money gets people food and water. Money bails people out of prison. Please give if you're able.


more antiracist orgs to donate to, link 

as penance for what I have wrought on the timeline today, I'm chipping another $10 to each of the organizations on this list. Choose one and match me maybe?

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