i don't wear pants anymore either. hilarious new bit, just for me

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@nutt @pizza LMAO no but i also accidentally kicked him in the balls twice in the span of a few days

@_Crescensia_ @nutt lol that was a week... The other pants bit was I wore the same pair of jeans for 100 days

@nutt @_Crescensia_ can't recommend it tbh, I learned how to use a washing machine since then

@pizza @_Crescensia_ you don't have to wash jeans unless they're super stained, that's the fun of denim

@nutt @_Crescensia_ true true. I think learning that is what spurred me to try it. a good pair of jeans is stronger than diamonds

@readytherhinos @pizza @_Crescensia_ if you wash just that spot right away it usually gets the stains out but otherwise yeah, I almost always end up having to wash my jeans pretty regularly when I'm working at a restaurant

@nutt @pizza the thing is, is that they got so dirty lol. And didn’t you rip them at one point?

@_Crescensia_ @nutt yeah they got ripped at rehearsal for servant of two masters and i wore them on stage


@ItsJenNotGabby @nutt @pizza 100% accident. I love my friend, I never would have done it on purpose πŸ˜‚

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