one of my fav things about watching older people use the computer is when they click the mouse really hard. like hell yeah, that definitely makes it load faster

@pizza there should be a mouse that does a big *kachunk* when you click it

@hoppet @pizza there used to be, that’s all there was, which is I think why they’re so forceful with it, they’re not getting the tactile/auditory feedback they’re used to and feel like it’s not working

the mouse of my youth positively CLONKED

@heartles @hoppet @pizza im realizing to this day it effects how I hold a mouse, younger folks or those who had newer systems earlier than I did seem to have this straight fingered, delicate and dainty mouse grip

I’ve got the CLAW where my index finger points straight down into the button for maximum leverage

@hammerhead @heartles @pizza ah yeah we didn't have a computer until like 1999 and i guess we never had one of those mice at the time, or i just don't remember lol

@pizza @courtney As much sense as all the gamers with the racing stripes and LED lights on their mice to make them go faster

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