Chilling Simulator 1.2.8 patch notes:

- Added the leather recliner to the game
- Fixed a bug where the brown sofa will bounce back at an infinite velocity when sat on
- Rebalanced the weed meter and the vibes meter
- Adjusted hitboxes on the bong to make each hit more dank
- Removed haters from the game

@pizza damn, do we have any details on how the weed and vibes meter are rebalanced? I'm planning a build for the next season that involves grinding for a rare leather couch drop and using that to accelerate the weed and vibes meter equally, but depending on the rebalance I might need to hunt for other gear or modifiers for my build

@bees essentially the weed meter wasn't properly being converted into vibes before, so the only difference really is that the efficiency of converting weed to vibes will increase or decrease depending on the chilling conditions

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