keyboard poll

numpad chads: *types out a phone number in 2 seconds*

top rowcels: *has to use both hands*

for some reason this poll has had a very wide reach. let's keep it going

@pizza I refuse to buy anything less than a full size keyboard because I can NOT give up the numpad

@coriander I'm not even a high ranking computer toucher but the numpad makes me feel 10x more slick

@pizza Yeah it's just more useful even for regular-user stuff, like, if you're shopping online and gotta put your card in? I'm not doing that shit with the number row

@coriander @pizza Using the numpad is 100% more cool and any game that lets you enter keypad codes using it is automatically awesome.

Using anything other than the top row numbers for MMO actions though... now thats pain :P

@diffractie @pizza God YES I love when a game lets you use the numpad to input codes

Alien Isolation does that and it's SO GREAT because the game doesn't pause when you're doing it so it makes it so tense frantically inputting codes you found somewhere to get in a room

@coriander @pizza Ohh yes! I remember that, it was so cool. I really want to replay that.

And yet, I also really dont want to replay it :P

@pizza my favourite trick in the last days of my last job were typing in phone numbers dictated to me while maintaining eye contact

@artilectzed @pizza ironically I have a virtual numpad on my phone but on my laptop (both when traveling and when using an external keyboard at home) I don't.

Can't justify having a physical numpad 😅

@michel_slm @pizza I tried setting up a numpad on a secondary layer on my keyboard, but I found it was easier to just use the top row numbers for me, in the end. But now I have F1-F6 on Y-[ and F7-F12 on H-' 😂

@pizza i use numpad at work but my laptop doesn't have one 😞


oh, you're saying there are numbers on all those extra keys over there?

@pizza is no one else doing left hand on the top row right hand on the num pad?

@pizza (mainly because I don’t have a physical numpad, so if I only have to write some numbers (like in a password), switching layout isn’t worth).

@pizza I do both, but I've been converted to numpad. I just need to make numlock permanent :cat-neutral:

@pizza I had a wireless tenkey and moved it to my left hand for better mouse-tenkey ergonomics

@pizza wait until you learn that on a French keyboard, you have to use SHIFT to access the numbers at the top row.


Neither of the choices. Rather using a layer for numbers. Thanks to QMK, numbers are always under my fingers. :)

@pizza I don't have numeric pad in any keyboard.

@pizza l have a custom layout without an upper number row, and instead a number block where my right hand rests.

@pizza missing option: I use top row because my keyboard doesn't have a numpad.

@pizza @_xhr_ I use a TKL keyboard because it's more ergonomic with the mouse(pad) to the right of it (the keyboard is more centered before the screen this way), so I don't use the numpad.
Though if I had to type a lot of numbers I'd probably get an external numpad and put it to the right of the mousepad


I never type in numbers. I just use the predefined constants instead.

@pizza I use the top row when I do not have a numpad (laptop) but when given the option I go for numpad

@pizza bounce between them. All numbers? Numpad. Letters and numbers (I frequently have to type alphanumeric serial numbers), top row

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