best semi-liquid?

let's get some muck love in here. where my muck heads at

should have anticipated that slime would win. disappointed with the lack of muck love.

@pizza This question has ALL THE FEELS for me, because when I was a kid, "Slime" was the coolest toy ever. I'm sure it was actually TOXIC WASTE but man we loved it!

@pizza Gosh, I don’t know …

<a bucket of slime drops on me from above>

@pizza fuck... i voted for sludgeand then thought more and i might me a goop guy.... dismayed

@thufie @pizza Oh hey the cause of me voting for slime is here too

@a_rock @pizza Everything in this poll can be a kind of synonym to everything else, that's the point

@swiff @a_rock @pizza i am differentiating these based on examples if each kind, respectively:

@swiff @pizza slime is composed of less things than muck or sludge, i feel

@pizza I would have voted for muck if I had seen this poll, I'm a muck stan

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