you are also encouraged to do , as the website allows you to close the tab and vote again

@pizza oh man if goblin mode wins i might need to buy another word of the year shirt

@halveric right? like it's obviously two words. not so smart are we now oxford

@pizza the fact that Goblin Mode deserves to win on its own merits aside, we simply cannot allow metaverse to win. #GoblinModeSweep2022 #GoblinMode

@pizza the fact that I couldn’t remember if it was #IStandWithGoblinMode or #StillWithGoblinMode further credits that Goblin Mode deserves our votes (plural)

@doot 🫡 the goblins hereby thank you for your support

@pizza @doot this is feeling very boaty mcboatface right about now.

@pizza I'm voting early and often for Goblin Mood which is by far the best choice (I mean Metaverse :yikes:)

@pizza those other choices suck. One is a paid advertisement and the other is a chapter in a "things that aged poorly" retrospective of the decade

@pizza word perfectly describes my existence for the last ~3 years. Voted

@pizza wait, those words actually have a meaning?! Fuck that shit. I'm just going to keep using it for whatever the fuck I want.

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