this is what greeted me when I opened the box for the first time. we love good packaging design

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showing my barber this image and he euthanizes me right there in the chair

lmao so today we're roasting elon musk's dog shit elden ring build. oh yeah and the sexual assault allegations

Oh boy, Friday night! What are we gonna do, Brain?

Same thing we do every night, Pinky. Play video games.

Saturday fit check, meet me at the grocery store in 15 minutes if you want an ass kicking

@selfsame my skull arrived safe and sound, here is its final resting place!!

goblin update: I have acquired two "Trollords" comics featuring some distant cousins of the goblin. criminally underrated by the mainstream comics establishment

veteran of 1000 battles, he was awarded the Purple Mitt for bravery

Okay the Ikalgo drip avi was good but it's time to go Beans Mode. an epic nonbinary icon

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