my boss: *about to cry in the zoom meeting* I'm just so grateful for this team...
me: *didn't hear what she said, I'm studying this image on my phone*

meant to post these for but I forgot. please look at my strong majestic son

Finally got around to finishing the paint job and details on this guy (Barbarian Monk, way of the astral self). Astral arms are stolen from an invisible ghost mini. While I'll probably never use this character again the memories of that campaign are some of my favorites out of all the ttrpgs I've played. RIP

me at the gates of Ishgard after Minfilia sends me to do my 100th bullshit task

i will post some sneak peak goblins though... these were randomly generated, im pretty happy with them so far

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holy shit i had to take this weird personality test thing for a job and this is so arcane... Am i more like the dude holding coffee and looking at his phone or more him when hes writing stuff down... really makes u think

saturday night, hangin with the lads, might get into some mischief later

look at him. look how content he is. he's never used a computer in his life, he doesn't even know what they are. if only I could return to this state of innocence, this purity of mind and soul.

not interested in any job unless my workspace looks like this

ffxiv selfie 

they're literally just a little dude


finally set up the lads in my new apartment. achieved this with fishing line and a tiny bit of tape

kitty on lap, there is much pain and suffering in the world but not in this room

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