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ok this one is truly fucked. i demand to know who coded this

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I'm the side character who dies in the third episode to increase the emotional stakes of the story


i respect the stardust memory team for really committing to making an english only gundam series. the voice acting is like 75% just awful and 25% passable, but it's offset by the characters saying shit and damn and also scenes like this. the misogyny of one character in particular is pretty bad though, and there's no final point where he's condemned, he's just the shithead on the team. overall i had a good time but i'm glad it was only 13 episodes. 6.5/10

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ahhh,, the dramatic anime hand reach to the sky... love this shit

cw bad parody news headlines in comic 

today's mood brought to you by pseudonymjones

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made a tasty breakfast while everything burns

good afternoon, someone is impersonating me on steam?? i'm strangely flattered but i also hate it

finished building Wing Gundam and now my computer case is its docking bay

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