finally set up the lads in my new apartment. achieved this with fishing line and a tiny bit of tape

kitty on lap, there is much pain and suffering in the world but not in this room

selfie ec 

new apartment, new shirt, new haircut, the haters are begging me to fail but my skin glowing, my ass is fat, and I'm too blessed to be stressed.

[Pics] If You See Faces In These Photos, This Is What It Means


fuck it, Sunday afternoon can check. never had one of these before but I like em, very drinkable. not gonna lie I bought it for the label alone

alc mention 

behold, some pics I took while drunk and waiting for an uber

Tallgeese process pics 

Lad is all done! The painted pieces turned out pretty damn good imo

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Buddha snow globe 

ah, another classic episode of "this object should not exist"

pizza goblin's logo critique corner 

this dog is clearly not ultimate, it has no threatening aura or powerful ki. 0/10 logo

selfie no ec 

going to a wedding in this brutal heat, pls pray for me and this white shirt which is about to become saturated with sweat

just goufing around over here, don't mind me haha *i'm vaporized by a direct beam rifle shot to the cockpit*

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