just look at that gap. my time is at 24 minutes rn but i know i can do way better

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oh hey the domain renewed a couple of days ago but i just wanted an excuse to post this image again: goblin.camp is now 2 years old! time flies when you're big chilling, eh?

hey look at this hilarious post i found. anyways feel free to boost if you think it's funny

selfie ec, 

an old pic but I'm digging it out for so people can see me in my finest evening wear

i wish gamers were more class conscious... *monkey's paw curls*

pizza goblin circa 1999 

me and grandpa Bob πŸ’–


found some fishing line and finally got around to hanging up Wing Gundam in a flying pose

coming at u live from the waiting room. We're here with Mx. Yellow flower, how are you today my liege

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