This homogenized corporate design is what they were rebelling against, and look at this, it's almost identical to the stuff we consider "good" design today. The postmodern wave of commercial design that was kicked off with the rise of the computer is still on the fringes of the industry. Today you're rewarded for taking design risks that are considered "safe" while staying within acceptable parameters, usually because you're working for someone else.

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American designers in the 90's: yes, we will destroy the old forms to give rise to more authentic means of expression. rigid rules for acceptable design are a way to exercise control over the voice of the working class.

designers today: hahaha Helvetica go brrrr

mug check 

I think this mug is supposed to imply that my grandpa educated me? idk he lives in Washington so at least that part is accurate

this amazing piece by @anaisfae came in the mail today! don't know where I'll hang it yet but I love it!! πŸŒΏπŸ—‘οΈ

congratulations, you have been visited by the Fluffy Tummy of Prosperity. soft pats and warm cuddles will come your way, but only if you reply "thank you fluffy tummy" in this thread

ok yeah medieval english food sounds weird and fake, who cares. *looks closer* wait what

hey while we're doing statue destruction can we get this one at Providence Park in PDX? it's not racist I just really hate it

more antiracist orgs to donate to, link 

as penance for what I have wrought on the timeline today, I'm chipping another $10 to each of the organizations on this list. Choose one and match me maybe?

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selfie, eye contact 

*accidentally bumps into you at the well in the town square* oh good morrow haha

PDX relief, bail fund donation links 

the Social Justice Action Center has been giving out free meals and shelter here in Portland since the Covid lockdown began, and they continue to support local folks affected by the protests. I'm also giving to bail funds today Match me maybe?

blm brand solidarity, I'm?? 

Oh ok so they're not 8 new playlist, but one new one along with the rest blacked out. sure this is took 5 seconds to code but it's displayed right at the top. I hate brands as much as the next person but i raised my eyebrow thinking of all the shithead racists who will see this today.

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