goblin emerging from their bog to shame mankind

imagine this... it's a normal day. you walk into town to get lunch from your favourite fast food restaurant. but to your surprise... it was a fast FOOT restaurant. like and share if you were surprised

@fool the first step towards chilling is to admit you aren't chilling

monday chilling poll

monday chilling poll

the non-binary agenda is real, and it's tanking the value of the letter x in scrabble

@shade oh wait if you're in creative mode you could just manually place down logs and leaf blocks to build a tree

just printed a business card for someone who's title is "Spiritual Coordinator"... you can just say Necromancer my guy

@shade use bone meal on them!

- whoops just saw that you said bone meal isn't working... Idk then 😔

*video game tutorial voice* Keep an eye on your minimap; your radar will let you know exactly which area the Milves are in.

i wear a belt like machamp to restrain my power but mine is a diaper

*grins and crosses my arms smugly* they put me in the ADVANCED mental illness program

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