lots of updates not enough downdates imo

begpost update. boost are appreciated 

I have 1 days to raise $69 to pay my bills buy the first. My bursar charges a unpaid fee that is $25 a day.
Phone bill- $60
Bursar bill- $120
Credit card- paid
All of these are due by the first and I don’t have a way to pay them. I usually would ask a parental figure but I’m estranged.
Anything helps.

Paypal: paypal.me/JourneiG
Venmo: journei-g
Cashapp: $journeigr

today i think i beat my personal record for getting my shirt completely covered in cat hair

the CCCP, or Communism with Centrist Characteristics Peepeepoopoo

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why hasn't anyone tried submerging a nuclear bomb in a volcano (and detonating it)? i think someone should try that

@parenthetical ok now i am workshopping a bit where people argue that since divination is about symbolic interpretation, and programming is symbolic interpretation, that therefore the Torah forbids computer programming

it would be fucked up if my deadname was rumplestiltskin lol

@vestal sending out a stimulus package, everyone is allowed 12 posts a month until covid ends

*redistributing timeline space to the users of my instance*

#fediadmin keep an eye out, smuglo dot li's instance is shutting down, and users are migrating out to other instances and setting up new ones.

Also be careful if you go looking for the shutdown announcement cuz uh

heckin toxic language i tell ya hwat.

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