PDX COVID-19 mutual network needs more volunteers 

@amphetamine heck yeah will definitely look into this

PDX COVID-19 mutual network needs more volunteers 

We hope that you are all doing ok with the stress, isolation, and potential serious health consequences that we're all facing. While energies may be flagging, COVID-19 is just getting started in our community. If you are able to volunteer, your help is needed. If you have a fair bit of time and energy on your hands and want to be involved quite a bit more, you can fill out this: airtable.com/shrJqejrXVRqgYhjZ

Aside from a few dribbles my procedural fountain pen now interpolates between strokes and is basically functional. #blender

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selfie out of the (laundry) day 

no clean bras and fuck if I'm able to go to the beach this summer so here's my cute bathing suit top

still don't think gamer oppression is real? this woman i was simping for back in college blocked me when she found out i played WoW

selfie idk if ec i cant see the pic 

my back decided walking is hard so im sitting on the sidewalk for a few

I have never been harassed on mastodon for being a racist it's weird how that works

@evan if only there was some trick to this. guess we'll never know

the performance art on this website is truly going next level. i personally kind of dig it

@jackdaw_ruiz @ldopa @evan eyy I'm at the CHAZ, I'm at the fish market. I'm at the combination CHAZ and fish market

if you hate my posts, please donate like half a million so I can go to grad school and be busy 4 ever

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