i lay wide awake at night thinking about bird dark souls

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Lil guy asked me if I was born in the old west the other day. Yeah fella I saved you from a runaway stagecoach before it plunged into a ravine

@InternetEh damn, makes me think about how i was born in the new west. kinda rolls off the tongue nicely. the new west. the tame west, not as wild anymore

@pyxis pretty much just chilling, thinking about what to watch/play tonight

visions of princess...
and then bloody expensive...!

since the category uses in-game time i'm going to HEAVILY abuse quitting and loading

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im gonna try again tomorrow but rn i am merely studying my opponent's weaknesses

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oooh just figured out an absolutely wicked routing change that will save time. this is pretty fun tbh

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recorded a new personal best run and cut my old time in half, but I can still go faster in a LOT of spots. Had to retry two bosses so that's the main place I need to improve. Also just getting the damage boosts and skips first try without bungling around or falling off ledges. twitch.tv/videos/879328034

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