would you like to hear about how speedrunning is communist and thus bad? 

@kiosk alternative sexual archetypes ("fastest mario")

don't worry, im not disgruntled. im actually extremely gruntled right now. it's cool

im the joker of chilling (im not chilling at all, im actually wilding out)

@geesehoward in my first ever ifrit fight the tank died within 30 seconds, nobody rezzed him and we finished the fight without him, he was so pissed lmao

computer! show me the bad posts. disengage safety protocols

pics that look like im being unsafe with a knife but i swear i was being careful (knife, clownish ec)

@pizza if shes ur girl why did she unwittingly sell me her soul in exchange for a powerful talisman

Chaffwork: My mech is gay and stronger than you so don't try any shit

if she's your girl why is she browsing through my curio shop filled with cursed trinkets?

just a reminder that if you run an instance with even vaguely nsfw themes, please instill in your users a respect for boundaries and, like, be active in your instance

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