@nuttgodd maybe group the two positions together and only list the duties once? Like stack them and put the dates you were in each position, if that makes sense

john venn: ok now fellas, i know you all hate me for my obsession with making diagrams, and also for my obsession with set theory, but which of you hate me for both? observe,

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hi. i’m a general in a strategy game. all ten of my wives died. i don’t question this

if you are within a mile radius of sonic the hedgehog, that's an unsafe distance

Marie Kondo: get rid of it if it doesn't spark joy

Me: see you in hell, faded & shrunken & stained t-shirt

Me 6 months later: oh my god... where is my pineapple shirt... it was the only thing that brought me joy in my entire life, what have I done

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everyone thinks that the speed is sonic's favorite part of running fast but they're wrong. he likes the stopping. he likes pursuit because it ends in pouncing. running is foreplay to him

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