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wow dude your dinner looks like the prevalence of magic/fantasy elements

thinkin about spinning up a lot of peanut butter"

I stopped watching storage wars right around the time when they started introducing, like, new kinds of guy. Weird twins, tall guy, dude who likes his wife, just every kind you can think of

@​spookcentral@​ I thought this was my dog's name

ᡗᢦⁿʸ ˑᡉᡗᡗᡉʳ˒ ᡃʳᡉ αΆ α΅’Κ³ α΅ α΅˜αΆ¦α΅‰α΅— Κ·α΅’Κ³α΅ˆΛ’

i'm cranky and pissed of. walking down the street scrunched up like a slinky because of how mad i am. grumbling under my breath and giving the evil eye to people i pass by

imagine for a moment, if you will, your favorite App. i regret to inform you that your favorite App absolutely fucking sucks. it's dogshit dude, seriously, just use anything else.

I haven’t felt cute in a while but I feel HOT today (selfie, some ec)

(---) pokemon 

gonna kickstart a service where people pay me to resize their jay pegs when they invented video I though that was epic

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