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predictive text post 

heavens i'm simply blushing and kicking sand bashfully!

what i post is between me and god. your boosts help get me there

heard my dad achieving orgasm in the next room so i Shazamed it and got a young thug song

please help, I think he represents the whole time for bed *kisses u on the stage under a darkened sun

honestly, oranges suck ass. they're too hard to peel and they don't even taste good. clementines on the other hand, are way sweeter and the peels come right off. it's no contest

imagine being the kind of person who follows Davey..imagine being that cool

tinder story, t slur, bad right wing politics 

tinder story, t slur, bad right wing politics 

i always picture jer howling like some kind of ape and losing his mind tears his face while going through my profile and mass fave and boosting me

bought some shoes from my drug dealer yesterday

idk what he laced them with but i've been tripping all day

cat eye contact 

i bet if you wrote a bot that just posted " i love you" every 6 hours people would form a parasocial relationship with it

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