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the human being was designed for doing a handful of things, chief among them nothing

enby in the office ec 

If people didn't want 9/11 to become a joke, maybe they shouldn't have used it to justify absurd things.

*nudging the TL with a long K'nex tool of my own creation*

bethesda arent so much game devs and publishers as they are liches, raising dead properties and keeping them going long after they expired

9/11 bad joke 

*falling from 9/11* man i look like absolute shit right now i hope nobody snaps a pic it would be so embarassing

say what you will about al qaeda they were never anywhere near as tacky as america is constantly. can you imagine in 2001 in osama's base, one of the guys there walks in and says "we have compromised 9/11 to a permanent end"

depression, self doubt, nihilism mh+? 

if your annoyed by the amount of space movies coming out, consider all the possible locations a film could take place in. space is like 99.9% of them dumb ass

damb I guess I was naughty this year because I only got steel beams in my stocking this morning πŸ˜”

coming home after work and letting my bones settle like an old house

ok ok I gotta go to sleep or else Bush won't come down my chimney and put jet fuel in my stocking

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