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everyone's all like "c'est la vie" and i'm all like "c'est some english words" lmao

lewd / bad 

Celebrating 9/11 by shitting two big shits and then shitting small shits with such extreme force that they destroy the big ones

in honor of 9/11 i will be performing a historical re-enactment by selling arms to Mujahideen in Afghanistan for a quarter century, unwittingly helping to plant the seeds of radical sectarian violence. check it out on my twitch

I still stand by my take of "Communism is the Power of Friendship taken seriously."

u gotta crack a few eggs if u wanna make billions of dollars off the military industrial complex

9/11 story 

i personally think the future should be like dune in that the vast majority of humanity toil in neo-feudalism but some people get to ride giant worms

the coolest thing i ever did in college was we went on a trip to florida for debate and i took the stapler from the staff room that said "do not remove from staff room" with me and sent the whole staff a picture of me at the beach with the stapler

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A sanctuary for goblins of all kinds to lurk and cause mischief.