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dreamed about the anarchist future where the story of batman and the joker lives on, but having morphed into a goofus-and-gallant type mythos. for example:

- the joker processes trauma into creative endeavors with the love and support of his community.
- batman represses trauma and expresses it as violence.
- the joker destroys the instruments of capital because they are the enemy of a humane society.
- batman derives power from the instruments of capital and uses it to assert a unilateral agenda.

9/11, gun 

i fucking love gentle reminders. please send me the same email every week. bich

i feel like pure shit, just want to fucking die. I've been playing that instead of over a third of our lord two thousand nineteen, if your shitposts stink they will go in a row with no new toots:

sleepy boy did homework PLEASE clap

hucking my bullshit into other people's pixels

Beavis is a pretty bad name. But the other guy? His name might be even worse!

It would be helpful if the new iPhone had a foot-facing camera

What I think of when you say you can't listen to songs longer than 3 minutes

the four elements of posting:

1. homosexuality
2. communism
3. bad
4. computer

@pizza you can get the shitpiss out of your bowl, but you can't get the shitpiss out of your soul

my hands: teeming with bacteria
but my dick? clean as a whistle
click HERE to know my secret ;)

everyone's all like "c'est la vie" and i'm all like "c'est some english words" lmao

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