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matt's probably just washing his legs or something

I have never had to ask a cat "what's in your mouth? What's in your MOUTH???" as often as I have had to ask this of Evelyn, I think she might be a dog or a bear

#introducton Hi my name is Memorie! I'm 31, pan and amab female. I'm a gearhead, love motorcycles and working on them and I'm very new to the mastadon thing. I'm from Minnesota originally but moved to Seattle in 2007. I'm a Gemini and a boarder line and always looking for friends.

"dude this sucks." - me if jurassic park was happening

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"10 Winston Churchill quotes that Explain why my Wife Should Have Never Divorced Me" - By Toilets Murpho

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what up? i'm extinct. i'm a bat. i'm queer (enby/agender), 30-something, mixed Japanese & Native American. i'm also a communist, and a virgo.

i'm an illustrator & comic artist. i draw creepy, occult, eldritch stuff. i also do some furry, fanart, & lewd sometimes.

i shitpost a lot.

commissions usually open.

i own/run and I rep #nightcrew

#mastoart #fediart #webcomics #clipstudiopaint

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