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selfie with eye contact 

it’s #MascMonday (i think, idk. i never know what day it is) anyway please feel encouraged to validate me i appreciate it β™₯️

in 2018 bernie sanders told me in a private meeting that he thinks gamers are chumps

lots of video games are based on classic myth and literature. Apart from the obvious mario/ epic of gilgamesh, skyrim is heavily inspired by early norse epics.

let me roll you over the fediverse. join my camp and we all doin our best :)


I'm not brittle, I'm just a little,
scared of your temperament
I'm not brittle, I'm just a little,
scared of my government
I'm not brittle, head hurts a little,
staring up overhead
I'm not brittle I'm just a riddle,
born of white blue and red

me, lying in the middle of a huge glass plate with my chin in my hands: ooh, i sure hope no one MICROWAVES me :3

yeah I'm sexist... the sexiest guy around!! *someone leans over and whispers in my ear* oohhhhh haha nevermind

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