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yeah like you are so precious and deserve love!!

just to clarify, i have seen you post in full caps many a time, it means i am

incredible that i spend 8 hours feeling nothing or fear and then i come home and feel everything for as long as i can

my pokemon home boxes 

oh and I guess I'm missing meltan and melmetal but until you can get them outside of pokemon go I don't really care

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my pokemon home boxes 

(this is a thick ass video but at least it uploaded) behold: my collection, in numerical order. I have 878 registered in the dex, all I'm missing are the event pokemon and ultra beasts from Ultra S/M and then a couple Shield exclusives 😊

not many people know that was originally established as a special-interest telephone directory in the late 1800s, losing its original name in a series of Ma Bell mergers and antitrust breakups

it's monday, whomst'd've else be slurping that bean water hours who up

epic disasters happening ten mins before I get off work? oh well, I ain't staying late bitches

anyone else wanna tell me happy birthday before it ends u got like 30 mins

banned from the Teletubbies conspiracy theories discord for implying that tinky winky is NOT a member of the illuminati

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