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brains is just meat computers, and I'm sure of this fact because sometimes this video plays in my head on a loop:

the day the camp goes down is the day the government finally traces all those poisoned envelopes back to my house

when im making art, im not just cumming farding and shidding everywhence, i am the cum fard and shid

o shit I completely forgot, today is's one year birthday! I think I bought the domain after skeleton made me delete a post about mailing poison to a congressman

i have posted about it many times but has the most epic origin story of any instance here

until further notice, all citizens are required to be vibing at all times.

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Sorry but goblins are taking immaculate conception back from the hets

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horse with dog mouth has had its day. it's time for the serenity of goat with cat face.

this lewd shitpost happens in the world of animal crossing 

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