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me, aghast to find my girlfriend has ordered a t-shirt with "TRIZ" printed across it and was planning on donning it for a trip to the store: that's my name don't wear it out

Class analysis from a rich dude 

My attitude toward my house is one of gratitude. I didn't earn the money to buy this house, my father did. I deserve housing, permanent housing I can take ownership of and pride in, because we all do, but in a capitalist sense, I did not "deserve" my house. But additionally, in a marxist sense my father did not "deserve" his disproportionate acquisitional power in our society. So I view my house as an artifact of love and grace, a blessing of chance and cruelty.

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The old yo yo masters have died. I’m the only one who’s left

i need a second monitor for my setup just so i can watch multiple friends stream at once

hanging a pair of truck nuts off of my pussy

ASMR lo-fi space sound

going live in a bit

i get a lot of satisfaction when rsvping NO for three pointless meetings because I know the person who invited me just got three notifications telling them i'm not going to their shit

reverse filters so I can quickly boost every post that references goblins, swamps, bogs, dark souls or dragonball

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