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So, if everything is cake, and the cake is a lie...๐Ÿค”๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคช

selfie, EC 

I had to get new glasses bc mine broke but I like these ones better anyway

lich ec 

this man is literally decomposing as we speak

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here are some pics from last night i posted on my main with no makeup no filter nothing
trying to feel more positive and open about not being perfect

true life: i sat at the computer instead of crying in bed and i actually got tasks done


selfie, ec, boosts okay 

i dont remember if i posted this picture or told people that i shaved my head :)

Skype icon blinking furiously to alert me that nothing has happened

don't read this, I'm warning you. Stop. No. Don't click that button. Think to yourself, "how am I going to feel, in several seconds, when I realized that the content warning was right?" 

I once read a story of a guy who put like 50 different color toilet bowl cleaner tablets in his toilet, expecting the water to become like a rainbow or something but it just turned black with the all the different colors mixed together.

Then he took a shit and a drop of the absurdly toxic toilet cleaner chemical splashed onto and melted his anus.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

You were warned.

love to wake up at 830 and get a reminder for a dentist appointment at 9, then when I get there they say the appointment is in September. cool

heres a drawing i did by the beach the other day 


His thyroid medicine is working, which means he has more energy to do things like: beg for treats, eat treats, whine about not being constantly given treats,

actually theres nothing "intellectual" about me, or my property, thank u very much

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